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  1. I'm considering registering a 2nd domain and I'd like to add it under my silver hosting package. Is this included in my plan?
  2. That's true. I also realized that going with everyone.net or something similar would mean users checking mail would put load on someone else's server, not mine. Sounds good. Anyone know of any other places that do this?
  3. In the near future I'm considering offering email addresses to my users at my domain. I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on the best way to do this. I've found http://www.everyone.net/email_pcs.html which offers free "sponsored" email which comes with the scripts that I need, so basically I wouldn't have to do anything. I could offer webmail access just as easily (which would use my disk space, whereas everything.net wouldn't afaik), but I'd have to find/write some scripts for setting up accounts, etc. Any thoughts?
  4. yeah i'm also interested in how to enable mod_gzip.... I checked the server header on http://www.searchengineworld.com/cgi-bin/servercheck.cgi and it didn't say anything about mod_gzip
  5. yeah i have a little fun with hotlink protection... if someone links to an image off my web server, i give them a banner ad for my site instead at least that's worth all the bandwidth hotlinking can cost, and it usually encourages them to take down the link
  6. Go into AWstats and check under the full list of Referers. If you see items under there with a bunch of Hits listed but nothing under the Pages column, then someone linked to an item on your server.
  7. HI all...in my work to get my site ranked on google, I ran across this tool. Its called Google Pos and it tells you how your site is ranked based on specific keywords. I'm not sure whether it is accurate or not, maybe some of the experts could comment, but it seems pretty useful. check it out http://douweosinga.com/projects/googlepos
  8. wow thanks guys! I'll make sure to make all the mods you recommended. -gavin
  9. 1. http://www.brokenpillar.com 2. brokenpillar. songs, not scenes. 3. a hardcore/metal music community providing an interactive cd/video/concert/mp3 review system as well as information and news. 4. Link is at the bottom. search engine comments would be great too! thanks guys. -gavin
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