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  1. Hi Scott Thanks for the reply. A couple follow-ups: Do you know if the search spiders have a preference in regard to 'cloaking'? If a domain is forwarded as 'cloaked' vs regular forwarding, does this have any implication by way of SEO? I suppose when you say 'dangerous' you are worried about intent to mislead - which was not how the question was intended. For example, if I have a hard to remember domain name that is hosted, then want to create a "support" page - it would make sense to acquire an easy to remember domain name and forward it to the support page at the existing hos
  2. Hi Folks. Appreciate any feedback on the following items: 1) How do serach engine spiders feel about domain forwarding (cloaked and otherwise)? 2) Any wisdom on whether and how it will effect your listing with the major engines? For example, yoursite.com is registered and hosted at TCH (yoursite.com/index.html). You buy a couple of other domains (say, each representing a different product sold at yoursite.com) and want to point to subdomains or a specific pages within the yoursite.com hosted account. Given this scenario, does it matter (from search engine listing point-of-v
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