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  1. Thanks Lianna! I guess my confusion was coming from the fact that I had purchased the domain at the same time that I purchased my hosting package and I didn't understand there was a distinction between the TCH hosting side and the TCH Domain side (secureserver.net). I finally have that cleared up. You all are the greatest! Rock Sign Steve
  2. Rick, Sorry I haven't gotten that far along with MT but I have also been looking at that option as well since I do a lot of personal amateur photography that I would like to display on my site. I thought about creating a photo gallery using Adobe Photoshop Elements and just placing a link to it from the main page of MT which involves editing the index template of MT and having to use only minimal HTML. I also Googled for MT plugins that would integrate galleries and came up with a really good site: http://www.griffininteractive.net/archives/misc/000068.html As with most MT plugins I've come across there's a lot of reading to do to get them to work properly. If you come across anything simpler yourself, please let me know. Sorry I didn't have a better answer. I know there are MT users out there that have a lot more knowledge about it than I do especially on the MT users forum at the MT site. That also would probably be a good place for both of us to look. Steve
  3. Thanks Andy! I forgot to ask in my first post... Do I dump the old domain through the secureserver.net account side or will that be accomplished through the help desk ticket? Thanks Steve
  4. Rick, I am also a newcomer to Movable Type and I am very impressed by its capabilities. To put a picture in your blog, first click on the "Upload File" button on the "New Entry" screen. Once you upload the picture file, you will be given several options regarding the uploaded file. One of them is to make and entry involving the file and there will be options about creating a thumbnail, etc. Just pick the options you want, write your entry, publish it, and voila you have a nice new entry with a picture associated with it. Hope this answers your question well enough??? Steve
  5. Toss First thing that came to mind was "Toss your Cookies" Steve
  6. Hello everyone....HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm not sure if I've put this in the right forum or not but here goes. I currently have a domain name sinisterdexter.us. When I registered the name, I really wanted .com but it was taken and there was no web site associated with it so I didn't think much about it As it turns out, there is now a band and a clothing line with the name Sinister Dexter and Dexter Sinister, respectively, and the latter is trademarked. I had originally wanted to use the name SinisterDexter as a product name and potentially have it trademarked but this appears to be out of the question now. So, I have come up with another potential name which has no associations with other products, sites, or domains that I can find. I want to register this domain name, use it for my current TCH hosting package and either park or dump altogether the sinisterdexter.us. What would be the best route to go about accomplishing this? Thanks, Steve Rock Sign
  7. It slices, it dices, it juliennes! It's loaded with features including 24/7 support and prices that can't be beat. How much would you expect to pay for something like this? $4,736,000.09? .... NO! That's too much! How about $10,998.43? .... NO! That's still too much! Act now and you can get a great deal starting at only $4.00 per month! That's right, only $4 per month. As a special bonus, you will also discover the joy and necessity of Visine for those late night hours you spend using your very own TCH hosting package. But wait, that's not all! The next 3.14159 people will also get that warm, fuzzy, comfortable feeling that can only come from being part of such a lovely online "family". Don't wait, get yours today!
  8. Okay, if my math is correct, I currently owe all of you the sum total of 88.5 cents.....the check will be in the mail I do owe all of you a big thank you for your input. After reading everyone's replies, I have come up with the following: I am going to go ahead and use subdomains based on Beth's pedantics Eventually my site will have the following: divination.sinisterdexter.us This site will be for people in my regional area to learn about and discuss (nice discussion forum planned) tarot, runes, divination, telepathy, etc. photography.sinisterdexter.us This site will be devoted to my new hobby and ongoing learning in digital and film photography. outdoor.sinisterdexter.us This site will be sort of a personal documentation of places in my area where I like to camp, hike, and flyfish (and let me tell you it is incredibly hard to catch a fly ). flyrods.sinisterdexter.us This will be for my interest in building custom flyrods and may even eventually lead to a little business on the side. As you can see, my interests are widely varied and I doubt seriously that anyone viewing one site will be interested in another with the exception of maybe the outdoor and the flyrods (I may put links to each other). I also like the fact that I can check the stats for each subdomain (thanks Rick) and that addresses would be easier to find by using subdomains (thanks Liana and Andrew). Thanks again for all your input! Steve
  9. Hey everyone! First of all, let me say that as I continue to read more and more reviews about TCH, I continue to get warm fuzzies and realize that I certainly made the right choice. (Not many businesses give you great service when you have screwed up the ordering process at 3 a.m. but TCH certainly did.....whole story for another day!) My question is this..... My domain has been in purgatory for a while now with the obligatory "Under Construction" signs. I have finally pulled together the information and design for a website and now I am debating on whether or not to use a subdomain for this site. I am basically using my hosting package to create websites related to my widely-varied personal interests. So, here's the options I've been thinking about... 1. Create a main page with links to pages for all of the different interests so that the address would be www.mydomain.us/index.htm with links on the index.htm page. 2. Create a subdomain for each interest and then put links to each on the main domain page. This would mean that if someone did not know the subdomain (subdomain.mydomain.us) they could go to the main page (www.mydomain.us/index.htm) and click on the links for subdomain.mydomain.us. My concern here is that I will be both creating subdomains and using disk space unneccesarily. My organizational OCD has been in hyperdrive lately and I am trying arrange this so that everything will operate as smoothly and effectively as possible. Can anyone think of any pros or cons to doing this either way or know of a better way entirely? Does it matter if I choose one or the other? Thanks, Steve
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