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  1. i can't visit my own website, nor can i check my email or ftp into it. it just started suddenly last night. my friends can see it, and i can see it from work. i'm sure you can see it (www.freaksho.net). i was wondering if anyone would know of things to check as to why i would just suddenly not be able to access it. thanks, mr0w1
  2. AHAR!!! I _LOVE_ this host! You make it seem so easy to offer good service! Yeah, I'm just posting because the excitement I felt at things working like they should compelled me to. Thanks alot!
  3. Well fortunately, it all got cleared up, and I'm not going to have to pay for the fraudulent charges. Thanks for the help!
  4. i was just recently the victim of credit card fraud, and had to get a new card. (yeah, aww...poor me). anyway, i just needed to know how i would go about changing my billing over to the new card. thanks.
  5. okie doke. i'll do that then. thanks.
  6. the other day, i clicked "install bulliten board" in cpanel, told it the directory, and bam-shasta, there was a forum. and it was good. now when i repeat the process, it says it creates it, but...well, it doesn't. yeah...i'm not sure exactly what i've messed up, but if anyone could help me, i'd be most appreciative. thanks.
  7. i purchased a plan on the 10th, and got 2 emails. one had the subject line 'Your Order With TotalChoice Hosting' and the other 'TOTALCHOICE HOSTING Transaction Confirmation, XID: XXXXXXX'. are these the only two emails that i'm going to get? with my last host, i got one w/ all of my account info, like IP, dns info, and password stuff. i just needed to know what to do next. thanks
  8. Nice allusion. Yeah, I eat beef. Of course, of late I've been toying with the idea of limited vegetarianism...but...i dunno...
  9. a while back (month? i dunno), i posted in a most forgettable post that i was switching to TCH, and i've just done it (sorta). My old host really doesn't want me to leave, but alas, tis already done. the reason i said sorta...how long should it take me to get my DNS info for my domain transfer? anyway, another fairly useless post on my part, i know, but hopefully i'll be able to become a useful member of the community. < -- unneeded smiley
  10. wow! okay, i'm impressed. i was really expecting like one mod reply and then the thread to sit unlooked at...and i wasn't expecting a reply in 10 minutes. congratulations. when my hosting runs out (in december i think?), you've got another customer
  11. when my current hosting runs out, i intend to switch over to tch. the main purpose of this post is to see how long it takes to get a reply...hope this isn't poor forum ettiqute. i did have a question though: how can you offer 10GB bandwidth and 500Mb disk space for $55 a year? i've been looking around, and that's fantastic! i've got a friend that i mentioned this to and he was concerned that maybe the price wouldn't be able to stay this low for long...anyway, thanks for your time. jason
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