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    Win A Laptop!

    AHA! Makes sense to me now. Thanks answering my question Glenn! Hugzzz
  2. Jade

    Win A Laptop!

    This might seem like a DUH! question, but I just hafta ask. How come so many folks have two (or more) monitors? Hugzzz
  3. Jade

    Win A Laptop!

    Here's mine! A little bit country from Nova Scotia, Canada!
  4. This is my second time with TCH and both experiences just give me the warm and fuzzies. I tried another host and WHAT a nightmare. After two weeks without permissions with FTP, unable to upload pages or images (they tried, I will give them that), I just politely told them I needed my site back up and had to ask for a refund as I was defecting! lol And here I am again. The support is great, but what I really like is the UP time. When I wanna review my site I don't have to worry about whether it will be up or not, it just always is. I just today gave a co-worker the url to the Hosting Plans page so he can grab some space too! Keep up the great work TCH! http://www.jade-designs.org
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