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  1. is there a way to allow a certain IP or domain? i am encoutering the same issue, and it's from someone i wish to get email from, not a spammer. they are in hong kong, so i imagine their isp mail server is the issue. thanks.
  2. is there another way than pointing it all to your DNS? the IT guy wants to handle other services (email in particular) on the in-house servers. the IT guy that manages the other services was trying to do an A record and it didn't work (due to not having our own non-shared IP address i believe), so he's going to try a CNAME instead. not sure if that'll work. i like having the web hosting here though and plan to keep it that way. ...glenn.
  3. what if i wish to point a bunch of domains to the same page? all domains pointing to the same site, not to subdirectories or subdomains or anything like that. how can i accomplish that if i am handlingthe DNS for them?
  4. as of today the problems persists...intermintently...even using the IP. i have emailed the client's ISP. it has to be the ISP. i can get to the client's email without incident from my home via a cable modem. thanks for the prompt reply!
  5. i thought that propogation might be an issue too, but it is still happening. two machines in particular give that error message quite often. i switched the network IP address of the machine (not the email server) and that fixed it for a day. now it's back again. it's weird as it's a pretty abrupt message most of the time, not a long timing out sort of thing. and it's somewhat itermintent, so it make sdiagnosing a bit of an issue. i will try the IP address for the server in place of the 'mail.domain.com' and i'n also going to try using the allegiance email servers (the isp that provide
  6. i recently moved a client to TCH (away from verio which continues to get worse as the days go by), and the domain propogated over the weekend. however, on one machine i receive a 'server not found' error message more often than not. the other three are fine. the machines are all Macintoshes, but it's using outlook express...authentication is on. it's a weird sporadic message, that has become permanent onthe one machine. the mail server being used is mail.domain.com for pop and smtp. i tried using the isp mailservers (which i'd rather not as they were problematic which prompted the
  7. i realize this is probably a silly question, but i recently registered another account here and i can't get to the cpanel to set up the email addresses prior to the domain transfer. i am assuming this is possible... i am entering http://ip address/~username/cpanel and i get a page not found error. any suggestions? thanks
  8. hello all. having a few problems on this end and i am sure it is stupid stuff that i am not seeing. first: where should get.php and links.php live? in which directory? can the path to them be set? i have them in the public_html directory and also the testing directory... and the webdir: $webdir="home/MYUSERNAME/public_html"; is the above be correct? how do i know the path to my site? i seached the FAQ and the welcome letter to no avail. $targetdir="/testing"; this is a bit confusing to me...i'd call it a source directory, since it i want to download, it co
  9. hello all. this is what i'd like to do as well...however, i don't want to manually make all of the links...i'd like them to be automatically generated. the idea is for people to have to download the file, as to eliminate any confusion for the newbies. i am doing the 'ftp' part as per this post: auto generated ftp list and poking around the web i found this, which may be helpful, but my php skills are next to zero. php force download any help would be appreciated. thanks, ...glenn.
  10. cool. thanks i seem to be getting the hang of it. had to add the line HEADER path/to/header.html as documented on the page link you included. apache is nifty! thanks!
  11. for got one thing... UNIBRAIN- what's your html file look like? if i view source i believe i'm seeing the postprocessed file. correct? i believe you are not adding the links manually.
  12. unibrain, that not exactly what i want but SO MUCH better than what i have. (my othe message above was posted before i saw you had posted a suggestion) i am going to play with that right now... thanks. if anyone knows of another solution please feel free to share it. thanks. ...glenn.
  13. thanks for the link. i'd rather hire someone to do it in PHP! it may be an important piece of information to know that no one needs to upload, it's just strickly to download the files. the closest thing i have found so far is: force file d/l in php any further help is apprecaited. thanks, ...glenn.
  14. hello. i would like to have a browsable ftp directory live inside an html page. so the user, once logged in, sees the list of directories (and they are clickable links) and then a list of the contents of that directory when it is clicked. i wish for this to live in an HTML page and have the links to the directories and files just be there...i.e, i would not have to manually add html hrefs for each file. i know i could do that, but id' rather not given the amount of images and the time frame in which they get updated. another advantage is if the ftp directory lives in an html page, th
  15. just found the file manager to verify that the permissions are indedd 755. same questions remain. thanks.
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