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  1. I have been using linux (RedHat) for a long time but i am still not that familiar with it. I have heard of using something called a virtual machine. It runs on linux and emulates a different operating system. My question is, does it perform as well as runing the operating system by itself? Or better(or worse)? Thanks.
  2. I have been searching the forums for a while now and i have found out that the GD library is installed but i cant find the path to true type fonts. Do they even exist on the server? If so what is the path. Thanks.
  3. stinken roaches.... http://www.webjunky.us/images/contest.JPG
  4. actually nothing was wrong. i was just confused about the mySQL users. In Cpanel, under the mysql manage section it says the database name and a user. I was trying to log into the database with that user instead of just 'webjunk'.
  5. ERROR: Access denied for user: 'webjunk_xmb1@localhost' (Using password: YES) What is wrong with the DB?
  6. I have another question: it has been over 48 hours since i ordered what is wrong?
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