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  1. This may sound really dumb, but where would I put in this information that I set up wtih my SQL DB? I found and opened the file for editing, but all of the info there is greek to me.... B
  2. Is that something that is easy to set up? I also want to be able to change the color scheme to match the site I am doing, although thats not the most important thing, and I can live without that.
  3. I am having a problem with making a guestbook. I want to have a guestbook, but I want to be able to approve what shows on the guestbook before it actually posts the comment. I have had problems in the past of people putting all kinds of spam crap in the guestbook and want to not have that problem. Right now I don't have a guestbook on either site that I have (www.jafhl.us or www.thesalvifamily.com). Any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! Brian
  4. 1. JAFHL 2. Trefilov22's Blog 3. Personal blog, updated with whatever is on my mind at the moment. 4. Personal Nature 5. I have the link on the left hand side, in the links section
  5. THanks for the quick response Don. I appreciate that! Yeah, I have tried that thinking that maybe it might help. Unfortunately it did not. I have become resigned to that fact that it could be a compatability issue between frontpage and the apache servers. If thats the case I may just have to go with a 3rd party guestbook? Do you happen to know of any? I thought I read something about viper on here. Will that allow you to keep your background so that it matches the rest of the pages? Thats my main concern. Thanks again for the help!
  6. here is the code for the popup window I want to open. It opens the window, but displays nothing. This code is what it should display... Its an included guestbook form...... Any idea where I went wrong, or will it just not display due to the apache servers? Thanks in advance! <HTML> <HEAD> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us"> <TITLE>Feedback Form</TITLE> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> <META name="robots" content="noindex nofollow"> </HEAD> <BODY> <DIV align="center"> <TABLE border="0" cellpadding="0" style="border-collapse: collapse; width:400px" width="450" class="main"> <TR> <TD> <FORM method="POST" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--" name="Feedback Form" onSubmit="location.href='_derived/nortbots.htm';return false;" webbot-onSubmit> <!--WEBBOT bot="SaveResults" u-file="guestbook.htm" s-format="HTML/BR" s-label-fields="TRUE" s-builtin-fields="Date" B-Reverse-Chronology="TRUE" S-Date-Format="%d %b %Y" U-Confirmation-Url="feedbackthanks.htm" startspan S-Form-Fields="Name Comments " --><input TYPE="hidden" NAME="VTI-GROUP" VALUE="0"><!--webbot bot="SaveResults" endspan i-checksum="43374" --> <H2 align="center" style="text-align: center"><STRONG>Add Your Comments</STRONG></H2> <P align="center"><INPUT type="text" name="Name" size="35" tabindex="1"> <B>Name</B></P> <P align="center"><TEXTAREA name="Comments" rows="8" cols="52" tabindex="2"></TEXTAREA></P> <P align="center"><INPUT type="image" src="images/buttonsubmit.jpg" value="Submit Comments" name="submit" width="88" height="23"> <INPUT type="image" src="images/buttonreset.jpg" value="Clear Comments" name="reset" width="88" height="23"><BR> </P> </FORM> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </DIV> </BODY> </HTML>
  7. I just wanted to thank you all for the help you have given me with the different FP problems I have encountered. I do have one more question with regards to uploading my site. Should I upload in FP using FTP or upload using HTTP? I have been doing each file individually in cPanel. Thanks!
  8. Hey thats a nice site! Coming from a fellow Republican, good luck in '06! I would like to get into politics myself sometime...
  9. Any ideas on how to get a link to open in a seperate browser window? I don't want this to happen with all links, just some. Can someone explain how to do this? Thanks!
  10. Works for me. I found the necessary files for the Viper guestbook. Unfortunately I am not sure how to incorporate it into the site. I would like to replace the one I have now. www.thesalvifamily.com is where you can see it.
  11. That sounds cool to me, but the problem is I am by far only a novice at this, and am learning still. I am not sure how I would even incorporate something like that into my site. Are their instructions somewhere on how to do that? B
  12. One more thing, I am not sure what Frontpage extensions are, or where to get them, or even where to upload them. Any help with that would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance! B
  13. This is the error I am getting. Maybe someone has some insight for me on something that I need to do to get it work properly? This is for a guestbook on my site. Thanks! FrontPage Run-Time Component Page You have submitted a form or followed a link to a page that requires a web server and the FrontPage Server Extensions to function properly. This form or other FrontPage component will work correctly if you publish this web to a web server that has the FrontPage Server Extensions installed. Click the <Back> arrow to return to the previous page. Any help is appreciated! Brian
  14. My site is www.jafhl.us Its named Trefilov22's Blog!!! Basically its a blog about silly stuff or current events, or crazy things that happened to me that day. The site is a blog. It also has the required link under the links section, but I can't figure how to get the color to match the other links (right now its dark blue and barely visible) Thanks! B
  15. Trying to find out how to get my site listed on the family members page. I placed the required link to totalchoice on my blog. Not sure how to get mine listed on the family members page. Any help would be apprecaited.
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