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  1. Horde Address Book

    I have the same problem: Horde puts me in Search mode, even though I've specified Browse mode as the default. And if I try to delete an entry in the Address Book, I get "No browseable address books". I submitted a ticket, but the response was a screen print showing that Horde was working fine -- using Opera 8.54 as the browser. The browsers I use are IE and Firefox. How did Tech Support respond to your ticket? Did they resolve the problem?
  2. Interchange Cart

    The domain name is www.brightonfoodcoop.org. But wouldn't you be able to use the address to take a look?
  3. I submitted this to the Help Desk, but maybe I'll get a quicker and more robust response here. A couple weeks ago my Interchange Cart stopped being accessible ("page cannot be found"). I've tried reaching it from two different ISPs, but no luck. The /cart/index.html suggests the interchange server may not be working and gives a couple commands to try restarting it (example: /usr/local/interchange/bin/restart), but I can't tell where to execute these commands. I tried accessing the server via telnet (using my site address, but just get a "can't open connection" message. Anybody have any suggestions?