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  1. Hello, When I go to the dashboard and click on my Primary Domain. It takes me to a strange website for someone not even related to my site. I also received a disk quota notice, however looking at my site, it's not even close to the 10g disk capacity. Has anyone else had these issues? I'm not sure what to do about it. Thank you, Barb
  2. Hello, Our club offers classes. We have two sessions of (4) classes a year with a total of only about 100 transactions. I would like to know the best way to be able to process credit card payments via our website. Is there something simple and uncomplicated for a 501C? Thanks for any insight you can offer. ~Barb
  3. Hello, Three years later, I'd like to know if you still use/recommend cdgcommerce? We are a dog agility club (non-profit) and would like to be able to take memberships, class and trial registrations via our website. As our web host, is there anything I would need to do to update our website to accept online payments? (https?) As the webmaster, I am new at this so if you could steer me in the right direction to set this up correctly it would be much appreciated! Kind Regards, Barb
  4. Hello, Our club is thinking of getting out from under the domain name set up by someone else who is no longer a member. We've been using this domain name for many years. I see it is easy to have a website switched over to a new domain name with just a ticket submission. Can a redirect be created to send those used to the old site domain to the new one? Perhaps with a notice introducing the new domain name? Can the owner of the previous domain do something to prevent a redirect? Thank you for any information you can provide. ~Barb
  5. Thanks for the quick reply and including the link. ~Barb
  6. Hello, I've recreated our site and I want to upload it over the 4th of July weekend. There were quite a few iterations before and a lot of files. If I put in a ticket can I tell them the day I'd like the site refreshed? How much lead-time do they need? Looking forward to hearing your input. Thanks, Barb
  7. Hi, I just figured it out. I was trying to go in through the wrong page. When I entered the cpanel URL then put in the Starter Legacy username and pw it worked! Thanks, Barb
  8. Hello, I just gained access to the Client area of a NonProfit site that has gone through many, many hands. I've redesigned the entire website but befor I upload it I need to get into the cPanel to repair the webmail addresses. I've added a subaccount (email and pw), I've also created a password under Starter Legacy (username and pw) plus created sign in for this forum (username, email, pw) I'm now confused by all these names and passwords! What do I use to get into the cpanel? I tried the username, pw that I changed on the Starter Legacy page but it's not recognized. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for any insight you can provide. Regards, Barb
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