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  1. Hi. I'm using a wonderful template for my web site. However, I would like to add an opt-in or squeeze page for my site. I don't use Wordpress (I have in the distant past). But I've been researching online and saw that Wordpress has some kind of plugin for squeeze pages. Is anyone using this? Are you using it as a standalone opt-in page or is your entire site a Wordpress site? I prefer to use my site template and not convert my site to a Wordpress site. Thank you.
  2. As someone w/o scripting knowledge, I will have to base my choice of script on what I read on the coders' websites -- on their integrity and knowledge about what they're doing. (Unless there's a site that rates scripts for degree of security that someone can share.) I see some advertising their scripts as being secure against spam, so I guess that's what I'll have to go with. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Can you elaborate on what securing it equates to, per TCH's definition?
  4. Are there any options outside of telling customers to phone a business on one's "Contact Us" page? I've skimmed a few forum topics here and also visited many (now) defunct free web site form/email script sites. All seem to indicate that free cgi scripts are extinct or banned from use on our web sites for forms. As an entrepreneur that's just getting started, I have to do a lot of DIY things for my web site. Having to invest in an external-hosted contact form handling system is not the most economical way to start a small biz.
  5. No wonder I can't get it to recognize the script file. Guess I'll have to try something else... Not too much time wasted. Maybe an hour...
  6. Hi. It's been several years since I frequented this forum as a TCH-hosted site owner. I could not recall my login info (email or PW) so I just re-registered. How do I gain access to the family forum that is only accessible to TCH family?
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