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  1. Greetings all! After spending some time trying to get FormMail to work on my site and then finding out that TCH servers were blocking it, I decided to investigate what is the most recommended form mail solution from TCH users having success with what they are currently using. Quite a while ago I used UFM (Ultimate Form Mail) and that worked well for me; however I understand now that it is no longer being sold or supported. I see in the CPANEL - in the 'CGI Center', there is 'CGI Mail' being offered - does anyone have any experience with it? I'm just looking for a good solution that will work on TCH servers, and of course easy to use and secure. I've seen several posts on this topic in the TCH forum; however they are very old and I'm sure things have changed much since then. Thank you - all recommendations are much appreciated. Regards, Carl
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