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  1. Ah, nevermind... (my topic was merged)... and I should have noticed the earlier query and responses. Thanks, David, for the informative replies!
  2. I'm interested in participating in the new Google sitemap project, and using their Site Map Generator. Would it be possible to run this python script via cPanel?
  3. Ah, good point, thanks! Do you know of an easy way to resolve IP addresses, or visa versa? I don't know what address foo.com resolves to.
  4. When I write about foo.com in my blog, I'm always curious to know when people from that firm are reading the entry. I know, via awstats, I can see whether someone from foo.com has accessed my site... but how can I tell: - What pages someone from foo.com accessed - When these page were accessed - How many times these pages were accessed by someone from foo.com? I know I can get cool stats like this from third party hosted services, like VisitorVille, but that seems like a pricey and heavy solution for what I'd think would be a pretty simple set of queries. Any ideas?
  5. No, ASX has nothing to do with active X! It's a streaming media 'stub' file... it contains information on a media file; it's like an m3u or pls file in a way. Google for more info
  6. Yep, sure did. No dice. One of the wikis runs on Windows (on an individual's machine), another is kaput, and so on. Thanks for the pointer, though!
  7. I appreciate the reply, Lisa (you rock... always very helpful!) I'm puzzled, though, why there seem to be no non-hosted wysiwyg wiki engines available. I'd think that many folks would appreciate the convenience of such stuff, and I can't imagine this being that challenging to implement technically.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I am aware of HTML Area, but wasn't sure how I'd integrate that with a standard wiki package. Also, Lisa, regarding MediaWiki... I looked on their site, but couldn't see anything about wysiwyg. Furthermore, when I played in the Wikipedia sandbox, I didn't see any wysiwyg controls. Also, when I edited a page in eewiki, I saw formatting control buttons, but no wyswig views. What am I missing here? Frankly, I'm looking for something like EditMe or SeedWiki but hosted on my server here.
  9. I've discovered some promising Wiki hosting services, but since I'm already paying for my TCH account and already have my own domains, I'd much rather host a wiki on my own! The problem I'm having is that I've not yet been able to find any wikis that offer wysiwyg editing, and -- since I'll be having some non-geek friends participate that don't know and don't want to learn wiki markup -- wysiwyg capabilities are important! I've tried googling for this info (obviously!), but have come up empty handed. Any suggestions?
  10. Ah, and a relatively recent thread, too. The one time I'm too lazy (or stupid) to search first. Sorry 'bout that, and thanks for the friendly pointer!
  11. I know it's only a minor nuisance, but I'm really peeved that when I look at my referrers on awstats, I see hot-babes-for-you.info and other assorted charming sites clogging up the list (and, most likely, stealing my bandwidth, too). Are there any general referrer blacklists maintained (or maintainable) against these jerks like this that'd help mitigate this situation? Any way to create blacklist filters in awstats directly?
  12. Hi there, I have the URL http://smilezone.fotki.com/ as part of my paid membership with fotki.com, but would rather have photos.smilezone.com. I've seen other fotki members somehow manage this, but don't know how they did it... and the person I spoke with at Fotki was clueless. Is this something that I'd be able to do from this end here at TCH by somehow changing the DNS info of a subdomain?
  13. Ack... it seems that BlogHosts is -- at least temporarily -- totally dead. I tried to pull up the site of a poor friend who still has her domain hosted with them, and I get a server error. Just sent her a test e-mail, and it hasn't bounced back, but I don't know if she got it (she's at work now and I haven't been able to reach her). Definitely glad I moved over to TCH when I did and didn't instead hang out another month or two on Bloghosts!
  14. Actually, my stats DID copy over automatically, surprisingly.
  15. Jamas, I can't speak for TCH (I'm just a recent customer, actually, also a Bloghosts refugee), but I would like to strongly urge you to move off of Bloghosts ASAP. Given the situation with that company, I don't think you can count on them to reliably deliver your e-mail or host your site even up through the end of the year... so it's worth paying for an extra month with TCH just for the peace of mind. I actually recently paid for a full year on a reseller account with Bloghosts (ack!), but moved to TCH earlier this month. Despite a bit of bumpiness, I believe I made a smart decisi
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