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  1. I'm having trouble getting email and logging in as a client, too. I realize that the NOC was struck by lightening but thought that things were back to normal.
  2. Glad you guys are working on this! I was planning on making some changes to our business website this morning but guess I can't until things are back up.
  3. Concerning events today, I am wondering about the difference between index.html and index.php. I really didn't think that I had an index.php on my website. Is it possible to have both file types but not know it? Is an index.php really needed? If it is, where is it located? I can't see it and I've looked for invisible files...
  4. We're back up! Thank you tech team!
  5. My site went down, too, at about the same time. It's on the Atlanta server. I looked at the main index file and it looked normal. I got a screen shot of the hacker's boast and sent it with my request for assistance ticket...
  6. Glad you are on this. Looking forward to quick resolution!
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