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  1. Mine is down too. Our server is "Gryphon" anyone else on that server? I put in a trouble ticket, but haven't heard anything yet.
  2. ok, never mind- all is good now! whew!
  3. I can surf the net without any problems, but my own website won't open, and neither will www.totalchoicehosting.com so, obviously, I can't put in a trouble ticket. this is the only TCh forum that i can access. is anyone else having the same issue? My site is on gryphon
  4. I received a response rom my ticket- saying all was fixed, but not yet...
  5. thanks. is there anyway to keep this guy out? if his goal is to cripple US business, he is succeeding. very frustrating.
  6. we've been HACKED AGAIN!!! is anyone else in the same boat???
  7. new issue- we're not getting any emails to/from the server- is this related?
  8. I have learned SO much today! thanks everyone! I'm saving all of this info
  9. we're back!!! thanks TCH! now, for the future, how can I find out the name of my server?
  10. I guess I should figure out my server name...I don;t think I have that written down anywhere
  11. been with TCH since 2003! always been great- this is just scary because our businesses have become so internet based
  12. Mine is hacked too! does anyone have clue how long it will take to fix this? this is my business site, and I have clients scheduled to log on later today. making me really nervous!!!
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