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  1. Thanks from us also--appreciate the updates and the work you did in countering the DDoS attack. Bill
  2. We have a bunch of clients all using variations of a contact form we wrote. It's similar in function to yours (the "to:" address is hardcoded to me, the form values are all escaped, etc.) One of the sites was getting hammered with formbot spam recently so I tried various non-CAPTCHA techniques to catch it. Things I have discovered: - some formbots have harvested the forms earlier and periodically just do a POST with their form spam. So adding a new field to the form and checking to see if it is there catches them. - formbots seem to be clever enough to not mess with hidden fields. I set one to the time the page was generated and then look at the time when it is POSTed. If it is too short (I have it at 5 seconds now--maybe there's someone who is a really fast typist , I don't send the form email. That catches relatively few of these. - I also mess with some of the viewable text fields and make sure they contain data I seed them with. If not, I don't send the form email. Bill
  3. Figured it was time for an update to this post. FatLens (the folks who seem to run the FatBot crawler) never replied to my email complaint. Then to add insult to injury, my client's site got hit again over the weekend with IP addresses in the same block (64.124.140.*) but different from the ones I blocked. So I blocked that entire range. And even though it is early June, the client is in a world of hurt because he's used up 93% of his assigned bandwidth for the month! I've scrapped together more to tide him over for a bit but it will be tight. I also made some osCommerce changes to try minimizing the impact of this robot and next month I'll turn off the IP blocks and see what happens. The site was hit about 6 times a minute for 2 straight days which does add up.... Bill
  4. One of my clients just blew through his bandwidth allotment because a crawler identified as "FatBot 2.0" from a company called "FatLens" hit his site hard for four days. Several days there were over 9,000 hits (it's a big e-commerce site) which is pretty excessive. The IP addresses are through For much of the last three days, it was using all 5 IP addresses. I've banned the IP addresses, sent a peeved email to their contact address on their website, and scraped together enough bandwidth to put the client back online. FatLens, according to their PR, has been a ticket comparison site ("find the cheapest ticket to x event") and they are rolling out comparisons for more products than just tickets. So, as a result, they are crawling more sites. Until May 25, they only occasionally visited sites I manage but something changed for this one client that day. If I get any response from the company, I'll update this post. Bill Madill bill at synotac dot com
  5. Thanks for the help, Scott!
  6. I'd appreciate getting my site listed in the Family list: 1. www.synotac.com 2. Synotac Design 3. Synotac Design is a full-service website design and development firm in Portland, Oregon. 4. Link to TCH on home page. I'd appreciate a Rank Evaluation, please. Thanks for all the help. Bill
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