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  1. I say we give Total Choice Hosting - dot - Com a new look and it be this contest. Who ever designs the best layout (judges, owners, what ever pics the winner) wins the contest?
  2. Well mah domain has finally transfered, and the new site is up (kinda).. I just gotta get the forums up and everyone can sign up if they like. The site is http://www.racingflix.net
  3. I'm new to the TCH network, so this is kinda new to me. I like the idea of the "who can design the best layout" idea, if thats what they ment.
  4. ok, I signed up last night thinking I was going to buy a plan, but come to find out it will be around 7 today. Ok well were do I go login so I can change the plan I want, cause I tried resigning up cause I though thats what you had to do (I was gonna do it a little ago but gotta wait for money to show up in account) and I couldnt cause it said my domain was already in the database and that I need to logon so I can pay for the plan.
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