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  1. I used to work in an orange juice factory but I couldn't concentrate so they canned me. Now I work in the factory where the orange juice companies get their oranges. I stand beside a conveyor belt and take the large oranges and put them in one basket and the small oranges in another basket. It's extremely stressful. All day long, decisions, decisions, decisions.
  2. Would a system built around a message board work for you? You could make a board where you could enter artists, production studios, sound engineers, record labels and promoters and their contact info then hide that board from every one except those you want to see. They could then contact each other using the pm system. SMF (available in Fantistico) is an open source product that would do that very well. Just an idea for you to mull over.
  3. I'll give a thumbs up for Joomla as well. And I like PHP Website too (available thru Fantastico). For me the PHP Website template was a little easier to manipulate.
  4. yep that worked. Thank you very very much.
  5. cool, that sounds like it should work. I'll give it a try and let you know if it does. thanks a bunch.
  6. Been reading here for about an hour. I think I know the answer but maybe someone knows something I don't. Here's what I'm trying to do. I wrote a php program that extracts info from mysql and then attempts to write it to a file. The problem is the directories are 775 and the php script is nobody so it can't write the file. So I figured if I ran chmod(..., 0777) from the script and then changed it back all would be good. And it would have except the chmod command didn't run either. Anyone have any ideas? Or will I just have to chmod the dirs manually, write the files then chmod everything back?
  7. You guys are good. When I first saw this I wondered if it was my buddy Dan. I've been bugging him for a week to change. So I called him and it was. Cool. I also told him I would help him get the billing straightned out and now I don't have to. Thank you. I've been a Total Choice customer for I think a year and a half. I really have no idea how you can have such affordable prices, outstanding service and quality dependable hosting. btw, Dan also asked me to help him transfer his site. Unfortunately he doesn't have Cpanel he has Bravenet. What an appropiate name, you would have to be brave to use their net. (sorry) Once again, thank you very much. (the other) Dan
  8. Allrighty then, will do. thanks a bunch. Thumbs Up
  9. Hi guys, I already have one account with you and am extremly happy with it. So much so I'm ordering another. Thumbs Up However I'm having a little trouble. I fill out the form and it recognizes me as a current customer. Which is all good. But then it doesn't know my password. I use the same password I use to login to my cpanel with. Is that wrong? Also, I ordered the year package. Am I not eligible for that? It's no big deal if I'm not, I'll gladly pay for another months hosting. It's well worth it. Rock Sign I'll be out returning Christmas presents today, (that I bought for my wife ) but will be back this afternoon. Till then, take care and thanks a bunch for all your help. Dan
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