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  1. I keep getting tripped on SoftException in Application.cpp errors on my WordPress sites hosted by TCH. It seems I do not have my permissions set right. I know that the WordPress software needs to be able to write to certain areas of the file system. Can someone explain what the permissions should be for all the WordPress files
  2. I just posted to the WordPress forum, but this information might be useful here too. I had setup lines in my .htaccess file to increase the limits on uploads so that I can upload files using the WordPress interface. After the upgrade, these looked like this: Uploads no longer worked and I was logging errors saying that POST Content-Length exceeds the limit of 100 bytes. Of course, by "100M" I was hoping to be able to upload up to 100 Megabytes. After some poking around, it seems like PHP no longer likes the "M" but it does work if you write out the full value, like this: Note: While reading up on this, I realized that post_max_size should actually be slightly bigger than upload_max_size. Oddly, the WordPress interface reports my max upload file size as 100MB regardless of whether I write "100M" or "104857600" (100 * 1024 * 1024). However, the latter fails and reports an error in the user interface while uploading.
  3. Sure enough as soon as I post this, I figured out what was happening... I had the following in .htaccess This used to work, but now it doesn't. Perhaps PHP was upgraded? If I get rid of the "M" and write out the size in bytes, everything works.
  4. Within the last month or so, I'm having problems uploading on various WordPress blogs that I'm running on various TCH servers. This problem happens with WordPress 2.9.2, 3.0 and 3.0.1. Using the Flash uploader, it either just hangs after the progress bar hits 100% and says "Crunching..." Or I get When I use the browser uploader, I either get "Error saving media attachment" or "Please Try Again." Is there something that couldn't have changed on the server that is causing this? In any case, I am seeing an error_log file with entries like the following: When I originally setup the blogs, I set post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to 10MB (it defaults to 2MB). I'm not sure why PHP thinks I can only upload 100 bytes at a time and is no longer honoring the 10MB set limit or 2MB default limits for this. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Thanks, Peter
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