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  1. I did not let anybody get access to my account. There is no reason that anyone would have been on it. Imagine if out of the blue your home page is taken offline and the system admins tell you that it is your reponsibility for making sure that nobody uses the account to commit any malicious acts.
  2. Hi I have been a loyal customer of TCH for over a year. I have loved their service and support, until recently. What irks me is that they do not bother to inform me that they have taken this action and that they maintain my guilt in this matter. I have not done anything wrong, but am being treated like a criminal. I will forward this issue on to the BBB, as TCH have been very poor in handling my situation. This is their last email regarding my request for my data: All I want now is to have my information returned, the data that we have been building for the previous year. I would also appreciate an apology for TCH's repeated accusations of me hacking their server and breaking it. Roy
  3. Heres my IBM T40, my cross, and my mouse.
  4. Hi When a user goes to one of my folders, it lists all of my files. I would like to keep the file list hidden, but still leave the files within my folders accessible. Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance! Roy
  5. Hi, I am trying to offer free web based email from my web site. I want to do this with the same style as yahoo mail in which member can sign up for membership and receive a free email account. I was wondering what software is available so that I can just install this onto a dedicated server. I have looked at hivemail but I am not ready to commit $160 for its license. Is there anything that you know is proven, either for license or for free? I need to have administrative abilities to edit accounts (disk size, attachment size). Thanks, Roy
  6. Thanks Guys I was only there for a week so I did not have time to see if it was an ISP problem of TCH problem. It sounds like it should be accessible from anywhere though. Thanks for the info! Roy
  7. Hi, I was recently travelling abroad in Japan and I decided to see how my site was doing. I tried to open my page, but to my surprise, the web page did not open. I tried TotalChoiceHosting.com to see if perhaps servers were down, but that page did not open either. I thought that the servers were down for everything, but I asked a friend back in the States to try the page. She told me that it opened fine. I also realized that the web pages did not open in some locations in Japan, but they did at others. Is there any reason this might happen? I am thinking of designing several pages for Asian clients, and am wondering if TCH is safe to go. Thanks! Roy
  8. Ahh, I see the problem. I had set up the subdomain AND I made it redirect. The subdomain has to be pointed at through the registrar, and then it must match the folder name without a redirect. Thanks! Roy
  9. Hi Guys I am trying to direct a subdomain to one of my folders. I am trying to set up cz.crossmap.com and have it point to the folder www.crossmap.com/international_cz. I have pointed the cz subdomain to the TCH server from my registrar. However, once you type in cz.crossmap.com, though it redirects, the address bar says "www.crossmap.com/international_cz." Though it is functional, it is not as streamlined as I would like. I hope that if you type in cz.crossmap.com/forum, for example, it would resolve to cz.crossmap.com/forum, and not www.crossmap.com/international_cz/forum. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Roy
  10. Hey, I just figured out the problem. And I feel like an idiot for it. I was taking such care to make sure the files ported over, namely the db access information was correctly changed, that I forgot to create the table on the other database that I have on my first. But all is good now. Thanks anyway! Roy
  11. Hi, I am tryint to set up my TCH account to access another server remotely. I am having problems with the PHP on the other server however. The MySql functions seem to work ok on it (mysql_query, mysql_fetch_array), but when I try to run a mysql_num_rows, I receive the following error: I am certain my code is correct: I have tested it on my TCH account. Anybody know what is wrong with the other server so I can have them correct it? They are running php 4.3.0. Thanks in advance. Roy
  12. Thanks so much for your help Tim! The encoding is Chinese Simplified GB2312 The function does not seem to be working unfortunately. I will keep looking also and post if I find anything. Roy
  13. Hey guys, I forgot to mention, I'm using PHP now as you guessed. I tried the mb_substr, but it does not look like it is compiled on my server. Would you know how I could get it installed? Thanks for the help. I have tried researching also, but the answer still eludes me. I really wonder how programmers in E.Asia handle this problem- im certain there is some everyday function that they can use. Roy
  14. Hi I am trying to port my web page to chinese. One of the problems is that I use a substr function to give page summaries, and this does not work well for chinese characters. A substr("chinesecharacters", 20) returns something like 3 chinese characters and a broken one at the end. Is there a way for me to use an alternative substr-type function to return, for example, 5 chinese characters? There was one last thing I wanted to say.. oh yeah: Rock Sign Cheers, Roy
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