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  1. Problem resolved. Nothing beats reading the instructions
  2. How does one use the cpanel Perl modules installer to installed directly from the CPAN repository the captcha::recaptcha perl module.
  3. I found a different script on the internet at http://www.josheli.com/vox/view_source.php?awstats.php. I was able to use this script but only after modifying my php.ini file to include allow_url_fopen = On and placing it, the awstats.php file and all the awstat images in a directory called awstats_images within a subdirectory which I called stats. I can now get the awstats page visible without going through my cpanel. Once again thanks for all the help.
  4. Bruce don't tempt me. Seriously I do appreciate everyones help. If I finally get it going (doubtful) I will let you guys know what did it. Once again my thanks to everyone.
  5. TCH-Dick thanks but that didn't do it for me either.
  6. Welcome to all of you. I should have added at the start that I am presently not using TotalChoice as my webhost. I came here because originally when I went to them asking for guidance they could not provide it. I then found your script and had been using it successfully up to now. I know that they recently went to using suPHP but I don't know if this is what is causing my problem. I have checked my config.php file and the information in there is correct. Again thanks for the help.
  7. I've been using the awstat script successfully for a while now but I am now experiencing a problem with it not recognizing the username and/or password. I tried all the suggestions in this thread without success. Has anyone come across another correction. Thanks.
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