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  1. laura_c

    File Corruptions

    Thanks, Bruce. Laura
  2. laura_c

    File Corruptions

    Bruce, Thanks for that. I have seen the list of FTP logs at the bottom of that page, but could not get access to any of them. Perhaps you can tell me how to gain such access? Also the FTP log seems to have 0 size so I'm not sure anything is actually being logged - does something have to be turned on? The FTP mechanism we use is inbuilt to the e-commerce package. This has been running for about 18 months and it is only in the past month that these errors have started to occur. However, nothing has changed in that time (no package upgrade or patch) at the client end that could have caused that - so I'd like to see if there is an error recorded in the logs or if there is potentially a problem at the server end? Thanks, Laura
  3. laura_c

    File Corruptions

    Thomas, Thanks for taking an interest in this and for your suggestions. The files are not corrupted on the PC - we run Kaspersky and have recently downloaded MalwareBytes, both of which give us a clean bill of health. Also, when we view them on the PC they display and perform correctly. The affected file types vary sometimes its ".html" files that are corrupted other times its data files needed by the e-commerce processes. Re-sending the files to the server generally solves the problem on the corrupted file, but may simply corrupt something else in the process. It is infuriating that we dont know anything is wrong before a customer finds it out (and usually leaves our shop to go somewhere that doesnt have such troubles). The nature of our e-commerce system is such that it needs to control and perform the file transfers to the server (not all files get uploaded every time, the system controls what needs to be refreshed). I don't want to ask the techs to look for a needle that may not even exist in the haystack, that is why I wondered if there is an FTP log or something I can examine to see if it shows what is going wrong. Thanks, Laura
  4. laura_c

    File Corruptions

    Hi All, For about a month now we have been getting increasing frequency of corrupted files on our site. The corruption seems to be taking place during the FTP transfer of files up to the server - which takes place automatically several times a day. The pattern of file corruption appears to be random. Sometimes no files are damaged, sometimes several. We also get no warning that such a problem has occurred. The only time we find out is when a customer tries to access one of the shop products that uses that file. I have two questions if anyone can answer them please:- * has anyone had this issue before and if so how did they solve it? * is there a log file somewhere after each FTP session that I could examine to see if something untoward has occurred? if so can someone point me to where to find such a file or how to enable such a log file to be kept. I have not raised this as a ticket, mainly because I'm not sure if it is a TCH problem or something on my PC. So hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. Thanks, Laura
  5. laura_c

    Help With Webpage In Search Engines

    Sherry, I think, it would help of you gave us some links or pointers to your site and tell us a little about what it is about? Regards, Laura
  6. laura_c

    Does Server Location Matter?

    Thanks Bruce and Dick for your feedback. I have already used the Google Webmaster Tools and set the geographic location. However, we are still being advised by SEO organisations that being based on a US located server is detrimental to our search results position. Whilst researching, I came across the following article which may be of interest to others:- Making Geotargeted Content Findable For the Right Searchers I am continuing to look into this, but it seems there may be some foundation to the location of servers being pertinent to search results.
  7. TCH have been hosting my web-site for some months now - and the service, reliability and Ts&Cs have been great. Any questions I ask get answered quickly; any issues are fixed almost before I can ask. I have no complaints. Recently, it has been suggested to me that because most of my customers are in the UK, I am suffering lower page rankings and lower search engine position for keyword searches because TCH servers are all located in the USA. Can this be right? Do I really have to move away to another host to get better search result placings? I thought the internet was more open than that and that the geographic location of the server was irrelevant? Anyone have knowledge, thoughts or advice on this, please?
  8. laura_c

    Parked Domains Problem

    Excellent, Dick. Many thanks - that has fixed so that people always see the the main domain name in the address bar now. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how/why Google is picking up the alternative (parked) domain names and how I stop that happening? Thanks, Laura
  9. Hi All, Looking for a little help, please. I thought I could solve this on my own but everything I have tried has created problems and had to be reversed out. My site is www.lembrassa.com, but to protect the name and in case of mistypes I also have registered a number of domain names which are variations e.g. www.lembrassa.net, www.lembrassa.org, www.lembrasa.com, etc.. I have had all these variations parked on to the main domain name. I noticed recently that Google has started listing some of these variations in its search results. I have no idea why, since I don't mention these alternative domain names anywhere on the site. So my first question is how/why is Google listing these? And how do I prevent that happening? In the meantime, and to avoid confusion for the customer if they chose one of the alternative domain names - say www.lembrasa.com - I wanted them to still see the main domain name in the address bar. I thought I could do this easily using a "rewritecond" and "rewriterule" in the .htaccess file, but although I have tried several variations I can't get this right. Can anyone help with how I can achieve this, please? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Laura
  10. 1. www.lembrassa.com 2. Lembrassa - An embrace of lingerie and swimwear for D+ ladies 3. Lembrassa sells the latest fashions in brand name lingerie for larger sizes 4. The site is commercial 5. I have the required link back to TotalChoice on the links page. Thanks for adding my site to the TCH family, laura
  11. laura_c

    Ftp Log?

    Will do - thanks Bruce. Laura
  12. laura_c

    Ftp Log?

    My site developer thinks that some site pages are not being correctly transferred up to the TCH server and that this is causing errors to occur. They suggest that there should be an FTP log somewhere on the server that would show what errors occur during the FTP transfer session. I have found the site error log - that's where I am spotting the root cause of some of trhe site operational problems. But I can't see an FTP error log or even an FTP log at all. Sorry if I'm being thick about this, but can someone point me in the right direction, please? Thanks, Laura