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  1. Strange, just tried it again and it works. Maybe it was some strange caching thing? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply Balakrishan. If I delete the CNAME entry via WHM and then log into cpanel and try to create the m. subdomain (with a view to then redirecting it) I get the following error
  3. Hi all. One of my joomla sites used to redirect to m.mysite.com if someone was using a mobile/cell phone. The subdomain was hosted by a third party via a CNAME redirect to their servers. I no longer want to use their service and deleted the DNS record. I then noticed that search engines such as Bing still link to m.mysite.com. Not wanting a "page not found" I though that I could add a CNAME record to point it back to mysite.com That just leads m.mysite.com to a cpanel page suggesting that someone has messed things up. How can i redirect m.mysite.com to mysite.com. Using A records to point at the shared hosting IP address just results in a page not found message? Should I just delete the new record and then create the m subdomain in cpanel and then redirect that to the root domain? My head hurts... Thanks.
  4. I have been a customer for 10(?) years. I just wanted to bump this. I have had accounts elsewhere during that period (whilst remaining a Total Choice Customer throughout). The support here has been vastly superior. One occasion that springs to mind is a protest site that I set up for a UK based customer. He was unhappy with a UK spread betting company- IG index. IG Index sent a "cease and desist" order to his house via a courier. In a panic, I contacted TCH support.They told me that they had received the same demand but sent IG away with a flea in their ear. Were it not for TCH I might have caved in. I have a reseller account, it is extremely good value, especially when you factor in support that is ultimately above and beyond anything that you would get from a UK firm. Sorry for the bump but I just wanted to thank TCH.
  5. Hi all. Years after using cpanel's fantasico to install software- rather than dong it via FTP, I still get automated emails, from tchalerts@gmx.com, asking me to update software that was deleted years ago. The alerts are a relatively minor annoyance, but how do I stop them? They would be welcomed if they were relevant, but they aren't. Thanks in advance. BTW I have a reseller account (and WHM)
  6. Still trying to install the newest version of Joomla... Now discovered that Magic Quotes GPC needs to be turned off. Initially I added php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off to the .htaccess file in the subdirectory. This didn't change anything so created two php.ini files with the following code magic_quotes_gpc = Off, adding one to the root and subdirectory. This just resulted in a code 500 error so I deleted the comments in the htacess file but the php.ini files don't seem to be working. Is there anything else I can do or do I need to raise a ticket?
  7. Thanks Alex And thanks for the speedy response. For the life of me I can't recall why I had done that
  8. Hi all Whilst trying to install Joomla I was presented with an error message telling me that I needed PHP v5.3.1. Cpanel tells me that I have PHP 5.3.27 but uploading a PHPinfo file shows that I have PHP Version 5.2.17 I can't see any way of updating it via WHM Am I missing something?
  9. Hi bill Thanks for replying and being so candid and honest. The following might be useful for anyone in a similiar situation http://www.law.com/jsp/nylj/PubArticleNY.jsp?id=1202512436276&slreturn=1&hbxlogin=1 I guess I am going to have to dig deep into my pockets. Money that I can ill afford to waste...
  10. Hi all I run a small ecommerce, hosted site here on TCH. For a number of years we have been re-selling a product that can best be described as being in the realms of cottage industry. Recently our supplier seems to have become psychotic. On her own site she has pasted the following: "WE DO NOT SUPPLY edit- MY SITE WHO HAVE BEEN MAKING POOR COPIES OF OUR PRODUCTS TO SELL TO YOU THE PET BUYING PUBLIC. THEY COULD BE PLACING THE HEALTH OF YOUR PET IN DANGER AS THEY ARE UNQUALIFIED TO PRODUCE ANY PET PRODUCT.IF IT DOES NOT HAVE MY NAME ON IT ITS A COPY, PLEAS ENSURE THAT YOU CONTACT YOUR LOCAL TRADING STANDARDS.DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK" I was pretty shocked when I discovered the statement had been added to her homepage. It goes without saying that the statement is false- we can show the parity between incoming and outgoing orders. My first response was to contact the hosting company- IXWEBHOSTING part of ECOMMERCE.COM- I asked them to suspend the pages that libeled us. I had assumed that it would be covered by their offensive behaviour clause in the ToS. Unfortunately their stance has been one of "By law and by policy, we will remove content indicated in a formal DMCA complaint, Trademark complaint, or indicated in a warrant, subpoena, other court decree, or as indicted by applicable law enforcement agencies. If you wish to provide such documentation, please attach this to a ticket or forward this to legal@ecommerce.com and we will review it accordingly." Personally this strikes me as being BS, hand washing, buck passing and a cop out. Are they really suggesting that they will allow anything to be hosted on their site until the point at which the authorities demand that they remove it. Surely a webhost has some degree of liability with regard to the content that is hosted on their servers, especially once someone has highlighted potential issues. Sometime back I hosted a not for profit site for a friend of mine that was strongly criticising a large institution, a Cease and Desist letter was sent and TCH replied that the content an expression of opinion and therefore covered by the First. I don't imagine that the remarks about me are covered by the first. I would like to know if web hosts are legally liable for the content that they enable to be relayed to the public and how I go about resolving things. I do not want to have any contact with the witch that used to supply us. I am not sure that I would be able to act in a professional manner, she also has a history of selectively posting parts of emails on her forum. I also really need help with regard to dealing with this stuff. I am uk based and at the moment have no idea how to proceed given that the witch is UK based but the site is hosted in the USA. It is also worth mentioning that her product equated to the primary bread winner in our family household. Now that the plug has been pulled by her without any warning the ability to pay lawyers has been severely impacted. i really would appreciate any advice regarding this. I'd like to get things resolved before the way back machine and google cache it. TBH i have no idea of the time frames involved. Thanks
  11. Hi Alex Yep it has been fixed by TCH Apparently the PHP Mail function on the server had stopped- all working now Cheers D
  12. Hi all I have been running zencart for years on the palpatine server but today I find that the phpmailer will not work properly and I am unable to update orders to dispatched as this requires sending the customer an email. Has anything on Palpatine changed, I have not made any changes at my end...? Tnx in advance
  13. Bruce pm'd me thanks. I had though that it would just be a case of setting different permissions for different user groups but I guess it would be a pain to do retrospectively and I suppose that the status of members is dynamic. BTW I forgot to thank TCH for the great service that I have received over the years.
  14. Not a criticism of TCH but a suggestion. I can never remember the passwords for the protected customer only areas of this forum. Why can't forum members be assigned different membership profiles, eg reseller etc, so that we don't have to enter more passwords?
  15. For what it's worth I too have the same issue- I haven't contacted support yet though because I am too lazy and everything else seems to be fine. Do you still get the error ot did support fix it?
  16. Will do- only seems to be an issue with some, and not all, of my (sub) reseller accounts
  17. btw just to clarify- the mx records show an ip of
  18. Hi I have only just noticed that yahoo.co.uk are bouncing emails from one of my domains. I have searched for the subject in this forum and the consensus was that,we as customers don't need to do anything- unfortunately this no longer seesms to be the case Mxtoolbox shows an ipaddess of (as reported by ns2.snhdns.com). How do I sort this? Not sure if I can do it in WHM on a reseller account, additionally will it be account wide or I need to do it for all sub accounts? Tnx in advance
  19. just an update Spoke to the legal dept and they had been approached a month ago. They replied to the spreadbetting firm that the site was an expression of opnion and as such covered by the first amendment. I was relived to discover that I had not strayed outside of the TOCs. I shall probably leave the site down whilst I ask my friend to get a second legal opinion. In the meantime he has been told by the firm that using their company name infringes the trademark laws, I guess that they mean in both the domain name and the site content... I had assumed that this would only be an issue if one were trying masquerade as the real company and mislead the public into a sale.
  20. Hi all I am currently hosting a site on my reseller acc for a friend of mine. The content of the site relates his experience with a large spread betting company- in short he feels that he has been ripped off. The company in question is now threatening legal action. They have an issue with the domain name and the site content. I have advised him to change the domain name. His legal advice is that the content is OK. The spreadbetting firm say that they have/are contacting TCH with a view to the site being taken down. In the meantime I have removed the content pending a reply to a support ticket that i have submitted. Does anyone have any advice? I dont want to have to kowtow to some bully just because they say so but by the same token I don't want to fall foul of the TCH t&cs.
  21. Blimey- thanks Steve Had a quick look at their site I see what you mean about Drupal!!!!
  22. To be honest I don't know if cpanel was at fault or IE8. I was in a rush to get it sorted so I just fired up the ftp client, rather than persevering. I am guessing that it was some kind of drive-by script kiddy. Thus far things seem ok... I can only conclude that the formmail ( http://www.scriptarchive.com/formmail.html ) script was the entry point rather than zencart or drupal as neither of those seemed to be infected. If I am correct I am at a loss to explain how they found the script in the first place as it was renamed as somethingelse.pl Previously I had only had one site hack (elsewhere not here at TCH)- that just replaced the index page for every customer on the server
  23. I dont know why it wouldn't edit. I used file manager in CP and selected the file and then code edit but nothing was happening (ie no editing of anykind) so I renamed it using a FTP client and replaced it. I decided to ditch the drupal install- never really liked it. Will replace it with Joomla- I know that Joomla is the most hacked cms in the world but I am familiar with it and will remember to update it accordingly I have since discovered that an old unused copy of formmail (renamed to something else) on the root public_html had been hacked a minute after the index.html so I guess that the drupal might not have been to blame afterall. Thank you for your explanations- I shall be more vigilant in future
  24. Thanks Bruce Admittedly my drupal was out of date but not SMF or Zencart. I cannot see anything in the drupal logs that looks untoward. Surely a drupal hack would leave the drupal infected and not the (static) site index page which is at the top of the file hierarchy?
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