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  1. The cast and crew were just great...They seem to have a very good energy and working relationship with one another...from the stage director to the cameraman and of course the hosts, interns and even the security personel...Looks like a great place to work... The studio is much smaller than it looks on TV, and I think that had to do with the wide angle lenses that also put more than a few pounds on me! I looked like a sack-o-badaydus.
  2. I wasn't sure which forum category to place this in but I guess this is a good place. I simply want to extend my sincerest thanks to Bill, Cereal, Mike H and the entire TCH family for their kind and generous support while I had my 15 mins of fame (well it was only really 8 )in San Francisco on TechTV. Not only for their technical expertise in keeping my site up during the show but also for their "break-a-legs!" ...Funny but just before my segment, the intern who had been assigned to 'hang out with me' (probably to keep me from touching the props and stuff) says: "Oh..did you know techTV has 40 million viewers in over 17 countries?" DOH!..as if I wasnt nervous enough. At the end of the segment my mouth felt so dry, it was as if tiny Elves had decided to move in, form a trade union and set up a little cotton mill right under my tongue. They proceeded to sell the cotton wholesale to the entire Elf Nation. The site stayed up, pushing the limits of Linux and circuitry. Well I just found out that I'm a finalist in TechTV's 'Coolest Case Mod Contest", and may appear again on the show September 29 if my computer is chosen to win the prize in an online viewer voting poll September 25-26. The only prize is a Versalaser 'Personal Laser Cutter' sort of a USB controlled laser machine that cuts plastic and etches stuff like stone, metal and glass. If I win the prize the first thing I have to make is a plaque for TCH. "2003 Kick-Butt Hosting Award" or something Rock Sign like that. Thanks again to all of you for the kind wishes!
  3. Bleh. Me no like the 404 error page idea thingy.
  4. I say we have an INTERNET SCAVENGER HUNT! We assemble a list of cool family oriented sites sites and people have to gather clues WITHIN the sites in order to solve a riddle or puzzle or guess a secret celebrity's identity...The possibilities are endless.
  5. I have tried using the hotlink prevention tool in cpanel, and even consulted with Leezard on editing the .httaccess file to no avail. My images are being linked directly from unauthorized websites...if any one can help...I'd appreciate it
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