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  1. When I open my email client for the first time in a session I get an error message back saying that it cannot verify the identity of mail.**** The details say that "The certificate for this server is invalid etc. etc." Where can I find information on this subject and get an education on what I need to do so that I don't keep getting this error message pop up. I looked through the main forum headings and it wasn't obvious that there was a section that would deal with this issues. Thanks
  2. Thanks to everyone for the additional information. I believe I have the configuration correct based on your guidence. However, I'm having trouble using applications to upload blog entries to my EE based site. I can post text only entries without a problem. However, if I add an image I get an error message. This occurs if I use TextMate or Blogo. I can only conclude that the problem lies with my designation of the upload folder but I'm at a loss to see the cause of the problem. I can use Cyberduck ftp to upload images to the same folder and there are no problems. The people at Blogo say this is most likely a misconfiguration problem. Any thoughts on possible causes of this problem would be most appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hi OJB: Thanks for your helpful reply. I apologize for posting a poorly phrased question but the intent of my question was to distinguish between the "server path" and the url, which I think you did. I was looking at an example on the "Expression Engine" documentation and for the server path they use "/www/username/public_html/images/" (images being the upload folder). I was trying to understand if the preceding "/www" was critical, if it was specific to hosting company --- in general, what is the logic to building the server path and how do I determine mine. Thanks.
  4. I want to find out how I determine Server Path to Upload Directory and URL of Upload Directory Where is there a reference that explains how we determine what these should be? Thanks
  5. Does the web server allow "override"? I'm setting up an Expression Engine site and want to change the "index.php" in the url. The related instruction reads I'm not knowledgeable enough to know exactly what this means but I assume it has something to do with the functioning of the php??? Does anyone know if this override is allowed? Thanks
  6. I've set up a subdomain to test a new site. What should be the target folder for the ftp? I see that for the primary site the target is public_html but intuitively I would guess that is not where to put files for the subdomain? Should the test site files go into the subdomain folder that is within the "public_html" as is public_html/test, where test is the name of the folder? Or is this controlled somehow by the server you specify in the ftp client? Thanks
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