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  1. Maybe y'all can help. We have an old HP LaserJet 4L. According to HP, it is not really Mac ready (model 4ML is). I have a home network with my Mac and my wife's PC on it (and the kids' PCs when they're home). I was trying to share printers via USB, because I think it turned out to be the cheapest way to do it. The Belkin switch works fine for two printers: Canon S530D and the HP 842C. The LaserJet is an old parallel printer, so I bought an adapter cable from Meritline.com (advertised as Mac compatible, without details as to which OS). Well, the Mac still cannot see the printer, though the printer shows up fine on the Dark Side 1. I don't want to move up to OS X yet, I'm not ready upgrade my apps 2. I haven't tried printer sharing from the PC (if that's possible???) Any advice?
  2. Can the form input box be resized? Is there a parameter that controls that which could be resized to better fit in the space I want to put it in?
  3. Here's another one, before I give up for tonight...
  4. I just happened to see the forum. Attached is my first try... If I'm doing this right.
  5. Yeah, I did see that in the cPanel. Duh! However, still having problems, so tell me please folks, what is the proper url to use to get to the .cgi file? I've tried a number of things and they still don't work. I've uploaded the .cgi file as text (which is the way it's supposed to be done) so I can't figure out (yet) why I'm not getting it. Here's what I tried: www.bronerfamily.us/cgi-bin/simpleforum.cgi www.bronerfamily.us/~bronerf/cgi-bin/simpleforum.cgi www.bronerfamily.us/~bronerf/simpleforum.cgi Is the fault with the url or perhaps with the way the file was uploaded?
  6. I've uploaded my simpleforum.cgi script to the cgi-bin directory. So far so good. However, I can't get to the forum via http 'cause I get the following error: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. The instructions for the script say: If the location of perl on your computer is not /usr/bin/perl, change the location of perl on the very first line of simpleforum.cgi. Example: change #!/usr/bin/perl to #!/usr/local/bin/perl if perl is located in /usr/local/bin/perl. So... where is perl located in a typical directory? Is this posted somewhere, but this newbie just missed it?
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