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  1. Howdy TCH Sales Support I have several domain packages hosted through you and I'm in need of another hosting package for a non-profit organization. I want to purchase a year of hosting on the Silver plan but I want to pay for the year in full now instead of having the rest of this month pro-rated and then the year due on the first of next month. Can this be done?
  2. The software I use isn't free, but you can try free 30-day trial versions of them. I use Premiere Pro and Flash.
  3. I decided to install Drupal because I need to learn it. It's required knowledge for my occupation. Anyways, I installed it via Fantastico but when I visit the url, I get this error: Fatal error: Class 'PDO' not found in /home/-----/-----/cms/includes/database/database.inc on line 185 Should I just remove it via Fantastico and do a manual install of Drupal instead?
  4. Could you remove my site please? I no longer run that domain and its expired. I didn't want to leave a dead link up on your list Thanks! I'll have a few more to ask to add shortly, though, lol
  5. I have Joomla 1.5 installed on my domain. I added a component called Gary's Cookbook. I want to overwrite one of the image files in this component, but when I try this - either via FTP or in the directory - the overwrite/upload fails and I get a funky message: Now, though it says at the end that the upload succeeded, it actually didn't. Also, I cannot delete the original image and upload the new one. I did go to the support forum for this module, however, most of it is in German. The posts that are in English didn't help in solving this issue for me. My cookbook is here. If you look at this page, I just want to overwrite the home.gif image with my own to get rid of the original. Now, I did read at the Gary's Cookbook site in their Help/FAQ section that this is allowed. They just ask that the links at the bottom of the page remain intact. Fine, that's cool. I just want to replace that Gary's Cookbook home.gif but the directory won't let me. Would somebody here be able to tell me how I can do this?
  6. Howdy, howdy! Well, I'm still working on various areas of my personal website, but here goes nuffin' 1. URL http://www.crimsonsprite.com/ 2. Name: Crimson Sprite 3. Description: Food, fun, laughter, discussions, imagination, & the arts! 4. Personal site
  7. You guys are so fantastic! It's okay. Paying for the year of hosting on the first will work out much better for me but I appreciate your assistance so much!
  8. Actually, nevermind this I just figured out that this will work better for me with doing the prorated month first, then paying for the year on the first of the month.
  9. Hi folks! I'm planning to purchase another hosting package from you for one year. But when I filled in the information, it only showed the amount for one month even though I chose the year from the drop down menu. I understand that this month is prorated, but I want to pay for one year in advance. Can I still do that?
  10. Looks like a four-pronged cane to me
  11. I get so annoyed when someone from one of my sites comes to me and informs me that they have received a spam e-mail that they know was not sent by me or the site, yet it has my domain name in it as being the sender. I hate spam. I think spam e-mail should be illegal - including the stupid spam emails sent out by legit places for sales purposes - and I do not ever send spam. Unless I have specifically signed up to receive information from a company, to be notified of sales, whatever, I don't want the spam. Ever! Yet, there's (I'm assuming bots (?)) that have used one of my domain's email addresses and even the domain name to distribute its spam. I even get these things in my own account that is supposedly sent to myself by me! Of course, when its stripped down, you see that it is in fact not from me, but this is extremely aggravating. Is there any way at all to prevent this from happening? I hope that made sense, lol.
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