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  1. I never use NeoMail, Horde, or SquirrelMail so all it does is take up space, space that would be better used somewhere else. How do I delete these programs?
  2. Whoa, sorry for the latness here guys, but thanks a lot! You really helped me out, I ad to resign with the old guys but I will transfer it to TCH soon. Rock Sign
  3. Ok this may be a dumb question but I have no other place to ask it so here goes. A year ago a friend of mine bought a domain for me (projectwonderboy.com) from another website. Now that year has run out and he couldn't buy the domain again so now I have to. I didn't want to renew the domain through his website, I would rather just keep everything in one place and buy it from you guys. The domain has now expired, how long do I have to wait until I can purchase it through you guys? I just figured they would give my friend a day or two to buy it back before letting it go to whoever wants it.
  4. It's a different kind of wallpaper really, I just made one that I would want on my desktop. It's gif file because I use PSP7 so jpg files come out ugly. Also I made it 1024x768, that seems like a good resolution to make it, I would make it bigger but I played it safe. My site is Project Wonderboy and your link is on the main page, in the links box.
  5. Yikes, it just keeps getting better and better, great work guys! Just another reason to use this old Smilie... TCH Rocks
  6. Hey guys, ^^^^ was me. Thanks for helping me out with that question, I have just signed up for your Silver Plan! I'll set things up, then when I get the domain in a few days, http://www.projectwonderboy.com/ will be rocking with TCH
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