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  1. I first started on the good old Apple IIE, but that was at my school. I then moved ...um...up? down?....I moved over to the Tandy 1000 8088 with 640k RAM and 1 floppy drive (no hard drive, of course). I had some tricks up my sleeve that allowed it to almost run like a 286, but not *quite*. I'm only 27, so either my age is now "old" or you don't have to be old to have stories about old computers anymore . I loved my Tandy (mainly because I could hide smokes in there when i was older--it had a seamless slide-out to add upgrades on the top. I know, that's not a good reason to love a computer, but that's not the only reason I loved it).
  2. Actually, I use a system (at home, that is) that I can remove the install of Internet Explorer. I run Kubuntu at my house, and I love it (Kubuntu, that is, not IE). I have IE on a linux box so I can see how a site will look in it. I hate having to code for an inferior web browser, so I just do work-arounds to please M$. --JonsJava
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