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  1. Hello, On April 30th, Mozilla said that it will deprecate support for HTTP for its Fireofx web browser, in favor of HTTPS only. That means that every site would need a certificate to be viewed by the web browser. https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2015/04/30/deprecating-non-secure-http/ The problem, or more the econcern is small sites like mine. My site is more of a hobby, and not a buisness. I cannot afford those costly certificates. Apparently they are "free" ones you can get, but those are nothing more than """free""", hidden costs like if you dont' renew at the right moment, manually, they will chasrge you a lot of money. I was wondering if TotalChoice Hosting will start providing the ability to have certificates, at least on the lower plans which targets smaller sites or low income sites, and not buisness level applications. My concern is the loss of people, the little I have, visting my page. It doesn't help, that Firefox shows big scary warnings with non CA certified certificates, or now (well soon), that have none, like the site is infested with malware and such.
  2. Sorry for the delay, I was busy with exams. Dedicated servers is something interesting, but definitely something I'll look into once I graduate and have a full time position to be able to afford it (soon). For now I can only afford shared servers. Thank you very much everyone for your time and patience. I shall be more careful when posting images (or links to my web site) in high traffic forums. I think it is the best thing I can do now, especially the image part which is actually the taxing part for your guys. You guys are awesome as always! Thank you. P.S: Fell free to change the title of the thread to "Not Happy -> Now happy! :)", or something of your liking.
  3. Ah! Now I understand much better the situation. Thank you. As mentioned, I have another shared server with you guys which is a different server name than the server used in the forum. Would it be better if I put half the images on the other server? (willing to do this compromise) Or would that make no difference or worse? I'll remove all images by April 5 or 6th to avoid continuous large traffic. I think that would be a good idea on my part.
  4. It said that a good company knows how to take critisims and look at finding solutions, or help its customer better understand a situation or improving their service. I hope this is what I'll be getting from this open conversation. Why open? I am intrested and hopping for people suggestions and better understanding networking and the issue at hand. And if anything I did was not the best way to do things, share it with others to help increase the quality of the service provided by you guys and the customers. I have been, still am, and seek to continue to be a supporter of TotalChoice Hosting. I suggest TotalChoice Hosting to all intresting in making a website because of the friendly and speedy service, all by delivering a solid reliable experience and web hosting service. I have been TotalChoice Hosting client for so long I don't even remember. I have 2 web hosting service with you guys to drive 2 web sites. One web site for my personal usage, and the other for sharing images on the web, small private FTP to sending picture between family members which are across the globe, and other usages, for example univeristy projects. Why 2 web host, well I don't want my other website domain to show up everywhere on unrelated content, and I want to keep my web hosting monthly bandwidth apart. And I want to help support TotalChoice Hosting So why I am not happy? What turned my big smile into a big frown? It all happened today actually. One of the things I do, and hence the "sharing images on the web" part comes into play, I like to help people in PC tech forums. I post screenshot, diagrams, and all sorts of things. Today, I was covering the Nvidia GTC press event: Here is the forum post: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/131582-nvidia-gtc-press-event/ At arround 5000 only viewers on the thread, my account got suspended, and got an e-mail from Balakrishnan at TCH And this is where my smile went down a bit. As suggest by the e-mail at the end I have contacted via AOL/AIM Balakrishnan. Which made me go to through the whole trouble of making an AIM account, to inform him that this is just high traffic and not a DDOS attack, and I was hopping for some suggestions. Maybe offload the images on my 2 web hosts? I didnt' do it now, because I didn't want to take the chance to mathers worse. I haven't and still seek suggestions. And this is where I got mad. How come TotalChoice Hosting can't handle 5000 viewers? And that is ASSUMING these 5000 visited the web site simultaniously, which I highly doubt. Regardless, I am seeking advice in either having this problem solved, trying to understand why it was an issue (is it because there was a lot of images? Are image size the problem? Was it my bandwidth cap that passed?). Any suggestions to help things, like combine images together? Last year, I have done the same thing as I did now, same press event, same style of coverage and it was not a problem. Also, why I can no longer access my web site via FTP? Why was that suspended as well? Thank you for your time and patience.
  5. This is why I love this web hosting service. Super duper fast response (I don't think it could have been faster), help everyone fixing their web site and even do it for them, continuous monitoring of servers, transparent, super helpful even on crazy time like this, on forum active very knownegeable staff, always professional (even on their pictures they were a tie or well dressed.. see... ALWAYS professional), acknowledge a possible discovery of security breach, and solve it so it doesn't happen again. A very long day for TCH, but for us, users, it's like if nothing happened. I think TCH deserve a big round of applauce for their great effort, and huge thanks. I don't think they could have handled such suprise situation any better. Once everything is cleaned up, let's all dance!
  6. Right, thanks! Yes it wors perfectly fine on my side now. Huge Thanks! lol. It's ok, a couple more days left!
  7. PHP e-mailing doesn't seam to work anymore (although, not to cause alert, it could be just me, as I am developing my new website, so I might have broken my tested code). > $to = $email; //$email received from the form submission $subject = "Welcome"; $message = 'some message'; // To send HTML mail, the Content-type header must be set $headers = 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "rn"; $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "rn"; // Additional header $headers .= 'From: [redacted] <noreply@[redacted].com>'; // Mail.... that... e-mail! if (mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)) { // victory! } else { // Oh noes! <- I get here } I am on bespin server Thanks
  8. Just an update, I am on bespin server, my index.php was hacked at arround 6AM EST-time, if my FTP software is reporting the time correctly. I have just did a restore my side a few moment ago, and now all is well. What is intretsing is that I notice the error_log file, reported a lot of errors on "duplicated_ip". and that dated back the 25, possibly older. Hope this helps I would like to say a special thanks to TCH for the quick update, and being transparent with us!
  9. Hello, Sorry, if this was asked before, but I can't seams to find the right keywords to find such topic. I have a web hosting from here, I initially decided to try-it out first and went for a monthly payment system. Now that I am realy satisfied with everything, I am seeking a way to change the monthly payment into a yearly payment. How do I do this? Thank you.
  10. That's right. It seams that LeapFTP has either a bug and only successful connect after several attempts (different each time), so it just falls into a number of failed attempt where your system blocks. Like I said, we will stop using LeapFTP, as also it randomly crashes and blocks during transfer too. Just a question, a hacker can still easily hack the webhost by disconnecting its internet and connect back with a DSL modem, as on each connect it's IP is different. So who your security system helps?
  11. Hello again, Well now my brother is locked out (baned)... It seams that the FTP program we use called LeapFTP cause issues when connecting. We will try to use the recommended FTP software, SmartFTP from now on. I am currently posting on my brother computer. We just wonder, is it is possible to prevent these two IP address to be baned? Thank you so much.
  12. Hello, My brother wanted to put online a website online, so I suggested this web-host as I have it. So he did get a .com an webhost service from you guys. No problem here exists, everything is fine. But the last 3 days, I and ONLY I myself, cannot access my brother web page, friends and my other brother can perfectly connect and view the website. Firefox, Opera, IE 7 all gives me "Connection timeout". I can't even connect on his FTP address to upload HIS website (I'm his webmaster) Yet I have no problem connecting to my web site, and not problem connecting my my FTP server. Website in question: http://www.bebop-guitar.com My website: http://www.helpweaver.com I tried to reboot my modem and router, but that clearly didn't help. Thanks!
  13. Arrrrr! It wasn't my router, even a direct connection on the Internet didn't solved the problem. It was stupid annoying useless Windows Firewall. Thanks thus for you help. For some reason my ISP free web hosting, worked fine yesterday. It was after a Windows Update done this morning, that MIGHT be the caused of this hole issue. But at least, I am VERY satisfied with the service. Absolutely Remarkable! I know a couple of people looking for a great web site service. I will sure name you, as a highly recommended!
  14. Actually, I just realized that My router might be miss configured... Even thus I opened the Port 21 for my computer... it doesn't want to connect to my free 5MB ISP hosting server. I have a Linksys WRT54G. Does anyone have an idea, how to open that port? I have no firewall software.
  15. Well now: http://www.helpweaver.com/forums/ and http://www.helpweaver.com/ works... but I still don't see the images on the forum, and (I'm still seeing with techSupport) the FTP fails to work. Both IP and domain (ftp.helpweaver.com), with the EXACT same error. Do you use port 21? BTW, I'm really impressed by the technical support speed!
  16. nope failed to work... Not even working with LeapFTP
  17. Hello, I registered for a web hosting about 2hours ago. I seam to have all the e-mails. Now I changed the DNS of my Domain, which I purchased some time ago with a different company (hopefully it was done right) I would like to connect on my web hosting server that I just got and start uploading files (while I wait for the 24-72hours wait). When I try with Smart FTP, it fails to connect: [log] [16:15:38] SmartFTP v2.0.1002.2 [16:15:38] Resolving host name "ftp.helpweaver.com" [16:15:38] Connecting to Port: 21 [16:15:39] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. [/log] I also tried with That Also failed. I works with CPanel X FTP system. Do I have to wait 24-72hours to have it setup, before I can use Smart FTP? Moreover, I setup a Forum with the quick installer (SMF): As you can see: http://kamino.tchmachines.com/~*******/forums/ But where is the images\CSS? Thanks in advance!
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