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  1. andy this was a review you moved here, two support tickictes sent in last two days, supports response was both times The load on the server is going up and down. We are monitoring it. Please wait for somemore time. The load will be fine soon. Then you will be able to access all the services with out problem. Thanks for your co-operation. I asked if this was going to be normal operation of my domain ? having to wait
  2. my domain only loads part of the time sometimes loads fast and fine and then not at all, cpanel to. ify and discourging at best, I'm use to clicking a link and page loads
  3. thanks for the detailed response, thats what I wanted
  4. thanks Don guess I expected a more detailed response I have been in sales for 30 years and the fastest way to not make a sale is not give a good answer to questions posed. I do not want to do the foot work and sift thru the boards trying to find the answers, just wanted specific detailed answers to all questions from staff oh well I will move on. thanks I guess the boards are not for me.
  5. thanks for responding both of you, I was hoping for specifics from staff, Gvillerick was helpfull, Don indicates I can not control the size of the sub domain. at $240.00 a year I would need more specific answers to my questions thanks, I am asking in the right place ? yes ? I new to tch but not new. can't beat the $4.00 hosting for my auction site
  6. thinking of being a Reseller. what control does the reseller have over the cpanel that the buyer gets, what can I limit, and what can I not limit in detail would be good thanks. as a resller if the potential hosting customer did not want to buy a domain name but wanted to buy my hosting could I point his / her housting account to a sub domain of my hosting domain ? like customer.somehostingname.com also would the cpanel work for the customer from the sub domain. thanks
  7. domains on top and search engines, hi what if anything would a search engine see in relationship to domains on top ? thanks
  8. mysql error message when was trying to install script can I paste it here for advice ?
  9. thanks all for the welcome, propagation ? the domain worked last night but this am it does not is this normal ?
  10. thanks for the welcome all I know is I can not access with domain name and could not quite figure out if that was the way it was to look, since it is a third party domain service maybe I am in the wrong place maybe I should of bought it somewhere else. also how could you tell it propagated ?
  11. hello bought domain name from link on your site to point to my hosting your site. take at look at photo and tell me if I did it right thanks
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