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Hey everyone,


Prior to moving my site, I had this information in my .htacceses:


>SetEnvIfNoCase Referer ".*(xxx|___|___|___|netcraft|dcmoviez|uni-hannover|shatteredreality|johnkerry|janet|jackson|superbowl|blogspot|asian|pics|____|
ex-com|_____|____|____|escort|____|marijuana|____|free-chatroom|gabriola|springbreak|janet-jackson|beuchercrawler|____|____|xenadrine|livehomewebcam|joe2004|___|mp3int|SPAMMER-BEWARE|gambling|poker|___|____|____|____|starprose|socksproxy|____|xxx|___|wild-party-movies|gabriola-island|____|the-proxy).*" BadReferrer
order deny,allow
deny from env=BadReferrer


[TCH-MikeJ: Edited to make more family friendly.... The code is still accurate]


(note, I have left the full list so that I wouldn't misedit and show an error that I didn't actually have... if that line above violates the tos, let me know and I'll cut it down to a select few that don't....)


which meant that if anyone came from a URL with that keyword, they'd get denied. I like that.


I never saw these sites in my referrer logs after adding them to this list...


However, I've put them in .htaccess right at the end but AWStats is still showing these referrers and they're numbers are increasing every night.


Now, I'm a bit confused. I have custom error pages - so would they still get logged as referrers? I was under the impression that I could cut down this leeching by using this directive...


I've tried IP Banning, and all of the spam sites (mostly from blogspot) resolve to one or two IP's, but AWstats is still showing them as getting through. I've done the IP Banning via control panel:


deny from

deny from

deny from

deny from

deny from

deny from

deny from


So, can someone take a moment and clarify for me if AWStats should still be listing these, since they hit a custom page - and/or if I'm doing something wrong? I really don't feel like assisting these dork's google rankings... :D



Edited by TCH-MikeJ
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Thank you Mike, my apologies for that. I didn't want someone to come by and say "it's not working because of a typo" when I had just messed up editing it!


Anyway. I *think* I got this to work. The default .htaccess has some frontpage information in it - i don't use frontpage, so I deleted it. It appeared to have some sort of statement that read to ignore .htaccess.... I can't post it because I deleted it hehe.


I then added a word from one of my category pages in, as a test. Went to that category page then tried to jump around the site - and got denied by a javascript popup (redirect maximum hit or some such) - I expected it to go to a Forbidden page - but whatever stops them, suits me.


Just posted this in case someone else needs to know. =) I have a LOT of referrers in the list as you can see above, so if anyone wants the unedited line for their own .htaccess, you can pm me. =)

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