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Website: IndieRiot.com

Name: Indie Riot

Description: Bringing southeastern musicians, artists, and filmmakers together.


I've added the TCH link in the footer of all the pages!


A rank evaluation would be stellar! The site has been live for a couple months now and according to my stats, google only makes one hit a day...when other sites of mine are getting hundreds of hits per day. So I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Either way....

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We have added Indie Riot to our Nonprofit and Informational Sites page. I think this is best... if not, send a squeak my way.


SEO Thoughts:


You are in Google's Index Thumbs Up

PageRank: 4

Number of pages indexed: 5

Relevant Backlinks: 37


1. You need a Meta Description tag... important.


2. I would also include a Meta Keywords tag (good for the 'other' search engines).


3. I will assume that you would want 'southeastern music', 'southeastern art' and 'southeastern filmmakers' as your keyword phrases (again this is just an assumption. If so, I would have those phrases in my description (complete phrases of each) and then you have to include them several times within your body text.


Think about it... look at your site from a completely naive perspective. Remove all graphics and all links (i.e. just look at the body text). Don't 'read it', just look at and tell me what it is about? Would be difficult. You use 'south' ones, never southeastern. You use art, music and filmmakers once each. This would tell me (Mr. Spider) that it does not have a lot to do with 'southeastern music', 'southeastern art' and 'southeastern filmmakers'... make sense?


4. I did not look but how large is the site? It looks like you will be adding content as you go which is good. Content is king not only for the viewer but also the spiders.


Good luck :P

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Well...what concerns me is that there are only 5 pages indexed...there are over 60 pages currently and many more getting added weekly. I'll defintely make those meta tag changes as well. And the Nonprofit and Informational Sites page is fine...more Informational than nonprofit...but defenitely works :P ...anywho...if you have any ideas on getting those other pages indexed that would be great. I've had a sitemap page linked from the first page for a couple weeks now and it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

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