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Website: ImageStash.com

Name: Image Stash

Description: Free image hosting for message boards, eBay auctions, picture sharing, and much more!


I've added the TCH link in the footer!


Rank Evaluation...pretty please! I realize it's really only one page...so the more I can optimize that, the better. I've also got "image viewing" pages that people use to send the links to their friends, an example of those pages are:


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Image Stash has been added to our Web Hosting Family Members page :)


SEO Thoughts:


1. I see one type: possibilities instead of possibilites


2. <title>Image Stash - Free Image Hosting</title>


How about: <title>Free Image Hosting - Image Stash</title>


3. <meta name="description" content="Free Image hosting by Image Stash. Image Stash is your source for Free Image Hosting.">


First move this tag above the keyword tag, just below the <title> tag.

How about:

<meta name="description" content="Free image hosting by Image Stash is your place to store your pictures free.">


4. <meta name="keywords" content="free image hosting, image hosting, auction image hosting, free image storage, free file storage">


Remove the [space] after each comma. I would change 'free file storage' to 'free picture storage'.


5. Good Header tag use Thumbs Up


6. Body Text


Bold the first instance of 'free image hosting' (e.g. "We are YOUR source for free image hosting.")


As you noted, this is a very small site which is going to make it very difficult to obtain high rankings. Think about adding more content... it is still king!


Good luck :)

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