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My I.e Is Weird


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Im trying to log in to my photo album but all the time i get the following error:


Warning your browser does not accept script's cookies


Where in I.E 6.0 (or Norton personal firewall if relevant) do i change that?


Until now it has worked fine, but not now. :blink:



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If you can, give it a try in another browser. Sometimes IE just does weird stuff, and if you have it locked down for security reasons (which you should) it may not work properly on all sites.


Mozilla Firebird is a fast, unobtrusive, and free web browser with a number of useful features that go above and beyond IE, and also is not vulnerable to as many spyware programs and browser hijackers. If you can, download it and see if the script works.


Also, in IE, you can also set the security to custom, and manually select each type of script that you allow. There may be separate settings for generally running scripts and scripts that set cookies. If you set both of those specifically to "allow" the script might then begin to work in IE.


Still, though, I recommend to anyone who can to get away from IE. It's full of security holes that can compromise your computer and private information, and lacks a lot of features of other browsers (like popup-blocking or tabbed browsing). If you need (or want) to run IE, I would recommend using SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard, and Spyware S&D to keep your computer secure against some of the vulnerabilities inherent in IE.

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