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Please Add My Site

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Hi Scott. can you add me to the family?


1. http://www.venuechicago.com


2. Venue Chicago Event Management


3. Venue Chicago is an event management company that delivers event solutions to fit all types of budgets.


4. will be posting a link back to TCH tonight when i update the site! Thumbs Up


5. Can I please get a rank evaluation?



Thanks for having me as a part of the family!

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Hi Scott.

I've updated the website and the link back to total choice hosting is on the index page.

Thanks for everything!



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You are on our Extended Family - Commercial Sites page ;)


SEO thoughts (brief):


1. Title

<title>Venue Chicago Event Management Home Page</title>


How about,


<title>Event Management by Venue Chicago</title>


2. Description

<meta name="description" content="Venue Chicago Event Management delivers sociable, creative and innovative ideas for any type of event. Venue Chicago works with the top venues to ensure top quality presentation with every event">


How about,


<meta name="description" content="Event Management by Venue Chicago delivers sociable, creative and innovative ideas for all events.">



3. Keywords

<meta name="keywords" content="venue,Chicago,event,services,event management,corporate events,philanthropic events,event planner, venue planning,venuechgo@aol.com,Venue Chicago,Venue Chicago Event Management">


How about,


<meta name="keywords" content="event management,venue event,corporate events,philanthropic events,event planner,venue planning,Venue Chicago Event Management">


4. You have to get some body text on your home page... you have 21 words and some of these are stop words (i.e. not 'looked' at by the search engines [e.g. 'and'])


5. You need to get other sites to link back to your site.


Have you read all the SEO resources that are here? They are full of useful information that would help you and your site :lol:

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