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I keep Getting emails that say i was hacked and my my computer was compromised and they took control of my camera and to video of me in comprimising positions watching adult sites (not true) but the emails are coming from my email accouts. I read up on this and I saw it was due to a data breech of passwords is this true and how can i stop theses

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This is most likely faked / spoofed emails that you should delete. And if you open them before deleting them, do NOT click any links you may find in those emails and do not do what it says in the emails!!!

This is something that happens to most people with an email address some time in life. It does not mean that someone broke in to your email or anything like that. Please google "spoofing" and "Phishing" and you should  find plenty to read about it. Also, if you are still worried something really has happened, please open a ticket with the help desk and they can check your account. Link on top of page. :)

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