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Blocked Outgoing Email


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One of those nightmare days...


Suddenly all outgoing email from my domain was being blocked. Mailchannels.net said it was because of too many end user complaints. Tina at tech support forwarded me the log of complaints. It looks like 7 complaints from one recipient address. The recipient DOES want the emails and even requested them through our website. The theories are that 1) she is inadvertently marking them as spam or has some misconfigured auto filter installed that is doing this or 2) her email provider is mistakenly doing it.


Our all-volunteer nonprofit that rescues food that would go to waste and donates it to the regional food bank is paralyzed since we organize everything around the web site and emails. We do not spam. We send email only to our registered volunteers.


1) Seven complaints out of hundreds, even thousands over the last year, is too many?

2) One email recipient can bring down a whole website's email system to a halt?

3) There's no way for me to know about complaints until enough accumulate to trigger a block of the whole domain?

4) Neither TCH tech support nor mailchannels.net can clear the block and we must wait for some unknown period of time until the automatic routines decide that the complaints have stopped?


Meanwhile, I keep reloading my email and seeing all of the legitimate messages that are being unnecessarily blocked and nothing I can do about it.


There must be a better way to fight the spammers than this.



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But wait, it gets worse...


The headers in the complaint that mailchannels.net sent me show the recipient's email only in coded form. i asked if it matched the address that I suspect is complaining and I got this reply:


"We unfortunately cannot reveal who complained or rejected your email. If you receive this type of rejection from us, it's possible you did nothing wrong. Email recipients frequently complain about legitimate messages."


THIS IS CRAZY! They are blocking emails because of a complaint that they know may not be legitimate and will not lift the block until the complaints stop for a period of time, but they will not say who the complaints are coming from so we can stop sending them email.

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