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Managed Dedicated / Semi Dedicated Server Specs

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Were were looking at your dedicated managed server versus your semi-dedicated server. Semi-dedicated may work for us. We have several sites with large database customer usage on each site but may be an issue with semi-dedicated.


Your semi-dedicated lists just dual-core procs. What are the other specs and what speed are these dual-cores and proc type? What if we need more memory? What is the server hardware update interval?


Dedicated server seems great but obviously more. But may be worth it. So we get the 2x Dual Core Intel Xeons @ 3.0Ghz correct? But what are the memory and hdd specs? We really like the 2x dual core Intel Xenons for power.




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Welcome to the forums Jim :)


These questions would be better asked of the sales department. Please open a ticket with help desk and direct the question to sales. Link above or in my signature.

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