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Spammers - A Welcome In Advance!

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The moderators of the Family forums would like to say a big "thank you" to all the spammers out there.


You manage to register and post your stuff (online pharmacy, I AM A SPAMMER links, affiliate programs) every day.

Your postings average time to live is very short before they get caught by moderators and deleted, your accounts gets deleted too, if you´re really lucky we also ban your ip. You really need a lot of luck to have the Google spider visit us in such short time.


Why don't you stop wasting precious efforts? Go play at your own home, with your own computer, there are amazing programs you can download and use in which you can put your ads and links. Apart from that...get a decent job.

You probably won't, so let's continue to play. Who will get tired first, it certainly isn´t us. There are thousands of morons like you - only a few moderators. But we´ll win...each day. We have proven it 24/7, 365 days a year so far and we will continue.


You probably won't read this but will continue dumping your spam.

We kind of wonder what you tell your wives and kids when you get home every evening, after having molested millions of people?

Do you say, "I had a great day at the office", while kissing your wife? Do you tell your wife "honey, my day was terrible, I had a hard time posting all that crap"?

Let us ask you something, you probably don't have wives, do you? Got any friends? Maybe you do, maybe not, but it´s probably not too hard to guess that none of them knows what you do for a living.


Have a great day and do not forget to tell your wife and friends how many lines of spam you created today and how many of those lines that got deleted by the moderators of the forum in which you just read this message!

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