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Help Pleeease!

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Hi There, i am witht totalchoice for a few years now but im helping a friend out with his site and i have a few problems with javascript, hopefully someone can help me!!


Basically he wants to set up his site on my server space and it is at carrigglas.gametvireland.com


I Have copied all of the files and directories from his previous ftp to my ftp but now some of the pages will not run properly




http://carrigglas.gametvireland.com/items_..._carrigglas.php ( Javascript for image changing not working)


the original working site is at




Can anyone tell me why and also how i can fix? Im new to this to be honest and havent a clue!!



Thanks guys, appreciation from ireland!!!



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Not sure offhand but I would start by checking the image links. Since he had his own domain and now running as a sub-domain the paths may need adjusting.

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