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Help With Dada Mail

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I have been using mailman mailing list for years and now its about time i need to change over to Dada Mail. if anyone is using it i could sure use some help and information about installing it . it looks a lot better than phplist which i looked at and got lost as most of the features im using in mailman are not there.


if anyone can help me please contact me direct at - mslindacarter@comcast.net


thank you

linda carter

executive director

no person left behind.org

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Welcome to the forums Linda :(


They have pretty decent installation instructions on their site. Where are you having problems?



i am used to using the auto install scripts on hte site. and do not know how to install from another site on to my hosting site here .


not sure what im doing and dont want to mess up the hosting service ?


what do i do or can i call and have someone help walk me through it as im not a hosting server tech


thank you for your help


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