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Hey guys


This kinda follows on from that Large POST upload thread.


I finished coding my site a while back and don't recall having this problem before but now when uploading files, anything under 8MB works a treat.


Anything over 8MB does not even seem to attempt to upload. It just dies straight away with (in FF) a connection reset page and in IE a cannot find server The page cannot be displayed error.


Now, if it were an execution time issue im sure it would at least attempt to upload and then die part way through not just die immediately upon clicking submit!


I have also altered my .htaccess with these values:


php_value post_max_size 75M

php_value upload_max_filesize 75M

php_value memory_limit 75M


I have checked my phpinfo() and that says:


post_max_size 75M 8M

memory_limit 75M 32M

upload_max_filesize 75M 2M


So all those values seem to be set fine...


Is this an issue with my code or something I need to get in contact with the help desk about?

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Sorry to post again in the same thread, but this is getting a bit confusing and worrying.


I contacted the help desk and they have told me they have changed some server settings but it should work.


Problem is it doesn't.


I put a die('Are we here'); just under my if (isset($_POST['uploadfile'])) at the top of my upload script (it posts back to itself) and then submitted the form.


The same 'connection reset' error popped up and my die statement was NOT executed. This to me tells me it can't be a coding issue surely? If its not even getting back into my script the problem must lie elsewhere.




So I have a page which will gladly upload any file UNDER 8MB and fully execute all my scripts commands.

This same page will refuse point-blank to upload anything OVER 8MB and doesn't even seem to get to the point of posting back to itself



My phpinfo() tells me that my values are being overridden as I have wanted, but something somewhere in the chain is refusing to work.


Has anyone got any clues why this might be happening? Have I missed something?

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