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Question On Migrating Email To Google Apps

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I want to migrate my email accounts to Google Apps. I know a few people here migrated over, so I figured I'd ask. I haven't signed up yet.


(1) What will happen to existing accounts? Do I create them on GA before updating MX records here? Or will they automatically be created?


(2) Since there's a up to 48 hrs delay before transition takes place — what happens to email that arrives between the time I last check email (still on TCH) and the time the transition actually happens? Is there a way to check it, will it automatically be resent to Google, or will it be lost?

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1) You will need to recreate them through the google apps interface. I think you can do it after changing the MX but no email would be delivered to a specific account on GA until that email account is set up.


2) A site I am administrating are using GA and from what I remember when setting it up the "downtime" was very minimal. I believe it might go much faster than the 48 hours mentioned.

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