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Sending Mass Mail


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Hi everyone,


I need to send email to about 200 people who signed up for an event we organise on my website. I'm also looking for ways to start the mailing list (mails couple of times a week) on my website as the number of visitors have grown.


I know i can't do it from my PC as letterms most likely won't make it to the recipients due to the antispam measures of my ISP. So, can i install script on my TC account and send mass mail like this? What are the policies, and has anyone on the forum done this before?


Any info, tips and suggestions are greatly apprecialted. Including any suggestions of good scripts to do the job.


Thanks in advance! :thumbup1:

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You can set up mailing list software on the TCH servers however they must work within the sending limits TCH has set up. You will have to open a ticket with the help desk to ask what those limits are. Please do not post the limits back in this thread as we do not want the information posted in the forums.

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