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Does Anyone Publish An Ezine?


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Greetings Mae,


This is my attempt to help out with your question. I am a web designer by trade so I deal with these issues very frequently. :)


TCH and other companies offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website (usually just the home page). This can also be completed through TCH's Domain Registration website via a product called "Traffic Blazer". I have used Traffic Blazer for many of my clients via a one year subscription submitting their websites to the search engines roughly every two months (to avoid being blacklisted) and have had very good luck with this.


You may also want to look up "SEO" and/or '"Search Engine Optimization" on the web as both of these will help you out. Depending on your market (let's say you see computers) then you may increases your standings in the search engines by a few pages. On the other hand if you are a bit more specific, and your business caters to a specific location too, then you can use that as useful information. As example might be if you sell cook ware in Somewhere, US and your customer base is mostly centralized around that physical location due to your having a bricks-n-mortar store there. In that case, you would use keywords for the SEO optimization as something like "cooking, cookin, cookware, cokeware, somewhere ST, My StoreName,..." etc. (yes - it is a good idea to put misspellings of common words in the "keywords" <meta... tag).


There are some pitfalls one must watch out for when doing SEO. In a nutshell, these are:


1) Do not do "keyword loading" - this means that you should tend to make lists of keywords in your <META...> tags that are 10-15 words - so choose these widely.

2) Some search engines (notably Google - but also several others) only allow submission of a website for SEO purposes every 2 months or so. Submitting your website too often will get you black listed and your website will not get spidered (spidering is when a search descends all of your pages to index them for their search engine - you can verify that this is taking place via the "Awstats" tool in you cPanel).

4) You can submit your website either manually to the big names (Google, Yahoo, Lycos, MSN, etc.) or else use Traffic Blazer (well worth the money) to help you get into several hundreds or even thousands of search engines or lists depending on your settings. Do make sure you read and follow the instructions.

5) Do NOT EVER put "hidden text" on your web page. This is called "keyword loading" and is when people put hundreds, maybe thousands of keywords in the same color as the background of their home page so the reader of said homepage can not see these words (unless they look at the source code) but search engines will read them. This WILL get you blacklisted. The smarter search engines now look for text that is the same color as the background and flag it negatively if such is found.


Some good things, tips and tricks:


1) Make sure that every graphic on your home page (your generally just submit one page to a SEO program like Traffic Blazer and the rest of the site is then spidered) has an ALT tag (i.e. <img src="../somewhere/img.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="cooking, cookware, pots, pans" /> this is a great way to have even more keywords on your home page.

2) Make sure that your home page contains at least 500 words of main text. Search engines like numbers that are thereabouts.

3) Make sure you also include a <META ...> tag description

4) You can even make up a few <META ...> tags and this will help somewhat (for example, <META products="pots and pans, fine china, etc.">

5) Make sure that the main text on the home page (those ~500 words) use the same keywords as are in your <IMG...> tags and your <META...> tags. In other words - make everything consistent.

6) Do submit your website every 2 months (roughly) but not sooner than that or you risk being blacklisted


I have TONS more on SEO if/when you get to a place where you would like more information. :)





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Oh yeah, I forgot a very important one... links from other websites INTO your website and OUT to other websites that are related to what you do are rated as a very good thing by most search engines. So it's a good idea to do this (in your case - similar ezines)


Cheers again,



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It appears that there are companies where you can manage your ezine, your customers, and publish it using their templates...but what companies are legit? As far as driving traffic to my site, I'm slowly, but surely coming along. Right now, I'm averaging 200 hits a day...not bad for a 2nd grade teacher...

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I think I found what I am looking for. I followed the path of a newsletter I subscribe to and found zinester. I'm going to try them out (especially since they are free). They have a premium account, but I'll wait until I have enough subscribers to justify the cost. Thanks. P.S. The info for driving traffic really is good...didn't mean to sound rude - it just didn't answer my question of the moment.

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