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Feedburner Issues


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Haven't been here in a while, which is a good sign as my site is up and running.


However, I have a feedburner form where one can enter an e-mail address and subscribe to updates. If I type in the an e-mail address and the security letters, it then states that "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled".


Now, I've done the following:


1. Copy the plugin file, FeedBurner_FeedSmith_Plugin.php into your default WordPress plugin directory, wp-content/plugins/




2. Activate the plugin by logging into your WordPress administration area, clicking Plugins, then clicking Activate at the end of the "FeedBurner FeedSmith" row.




3. In the WordPress administration area, begin the configuration by clicking Options and then the FeedBurner FeedSmith sub-option.




4. Follow the links to create your FeedBurner feeds, or if they already exist, simply fill in their URLs in the boxes provided.


Check check


5. Verify your URLs in the text entry fields, and click Save.




Now all of your WordPress feed traffic should be redirected to FeedBurner.


But it doesn't. I can't fill in any e-mail addresses and I feeling a bit distressed as I want to offer this service. What should I do? :)

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I'm assuming you are using the current version of the plugin. Did you read the NOTE in the Quickstart Guide?


NOTE: If you currently use the old, 2005-vintage version of the Ordered List FeedBurner plugin that generates a FeedBurner-specific URL (an example: www.yoursite.com/feedburner_838196/), that URL is no longer available or necessary. You will have to reset your FeedBurner feed’s Original Feed address to now use your standard blog feed address. Additionally, you should examine any .htaccess files that control access to your WordPress installation's content and remove any existing references that forward or redirect your feeds, as these references will no longer be necessary.


Check your .htaccess file for any redirects and make sure you have the proper feed URL entered.

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