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Cpanel - Frequently Asked Questions

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Do not see this faq post as complete. More faq´s will be added in the future.


How to set your Cpanel contact info

In cpanel at the top of the page where it says "Please update your contact information here." Click on the word "here" and add your e-mail address. This is how we notify people of pending maintenance or other important info.



How to access your cPanel



Secure ports at




Can my cpanel login name be changed so I can remember it more easily?

For security reasons this is not available.



What do/can I do if I forgot/lost password for a database user name?

Create a new user / password

add user to database, then change the user and password in a config file for that particular bit of software



Problem Changing Permissions on files

If you are unable to change file permissions through cPanel or an FTP program please open a help desk ticket using the link at the top of this page.



What is the difference between Full backup and how do I back up/restore my site?

The full backup is everything set up in your account. If you needed to restore a full backup you would upload the file and open a ticket with the help desk to have them restore it.


The home backup function does not include databases or aliases or your filters. But you can restore these files without opening a help desk ticket in most cases.

The file can be opened by a zip file manager to pull out separate files


To download a home directory backup:

Log in to cpanel

Click "Backups"

Scroll down to Home Directory and click "Download a home directory Backup". This will save a copy on your local computer.


To restore a home directory backup:

Scroll down to Restore a Home Directory Backup and click "Browse"

Find your copy

Click "Upload"


Databases, if you have any for a forum or guestbook or other scripts click on each database name to download them. To restore them, please follow the instructions in "To restore a home directory backup" above. The procedure is the same.


Aliases, are your email forwards if you made any and the filters are if you are filtering anything. To restore them, please follow the instructions in "To restore a home directory backup" above. The procedure is the same.


You have to download any of the above when you want nothing is automatic.



Addon domains vs parked domains

For a normal account you can only have one web site.

You can have additional domains parked by tech support on top of your account so if you have a .com you can have them park a .net on top of your account.

But you may not point additional domains to a folder or part of your site.

For that you need a reseller account where you can host many domains in their own accounts.



I want to change the domain for my hosting plan

When you have registered the domain you want, you will only need to submit a ticket to help desk and they will change it. But to reduce propagation time for the new domain we recommend you to ask them to park the old domain on top of the new one. This way your site can be accessed until the new domain is active.

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