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A Note About The Open Discussion Forum

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Hello everyone.


This Open Discussion forum is being overrun with questions that would be more appropriately dealt with in other forums. we are asking everyone to please review the list of available forums and post in the most appropriate forum.


The Open Discussion has become a catch-all. We ask that future questions, especially those that are involving TCH service, cpanel, email, scripts, mysql, etc, be addressed in their correct forum.


Let's use this Open Discussion area to talk about the weather, the cool birthday party you just had for you niece and so on.


If a post is moved from the Open Discussion forum you may or may not receive a PM that the post was moved. Please check the other forums or your My Controls panel to locate the post before jumping to conclusions that the thread was deleted. The Moderators are volunteers and sometimes they forget or are too busy to send the PM that they moved a post. Do not hold it against them, they are only doing their job.


Thank you in advance.

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