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Finding A Cart

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I'm trying to find a free cart.


I need to be able to have different prices for a single item (ex. different sizes, colors, etc..)

Works with PayPal

Works with MS FrontPage 2003

Does not require MySQL, in fact the less it 'needs' the better.


Because I need it to work with paypal, I started going thru their list... Most are not free, or the cart is free if you use their host. And the rest need MySQL.


Out of all the carts I've tried so far, I like CartIt Commerce Monkey the best, Still waiting on The CartIt Commerce System. I filled out the order form on Saterday 10/28/06. And I've spent nearly every wakeing monent since, hopeing there still around. This forum is the only recent news I've heard about CartIt. I was about to give up on it, maybe there just taking the day off for Halloween.

Anyway, From what I was able to do with CartIt Commerce Monkey, it looks like it will do what I want. Provided it doesnt require MySQL, but I havent found any info about CartIt requiring that.


Ok, yes, I'm sure someone will say, if you dont have CartIt yet, stay away, the support sucks... When I get fustrated with it, I'll just remember 'you get what you pay for'


Here is an example of what I'd like to end up with, but I'd like it working of corse :unsure:



My wife and I are trying to do this to make extra x-mas money, so the less we need to spend to get this working, they more toys our kids get for christmas.


Thanks in advance for any help.


TCH-Thomas made the link inactive.

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